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41 Evidence storage in 1948 and its limitations

Pictured below are five contemporary examples of American evidence storage rooms.


This post assumes that the Adelaide police lock-up in 1948 may not have been much different and given the amount of traffic it saw ..

.. this post also assumes that evidential items may have been mislaid, mis-filed, misplaced or inadvertently substituted as coronial evidence.

Like trousers.

The 1st body was wearing fawn trousers. The trousers in an unclaimed suitcase thought to be his were Marco Brand – Crusader Cloth.

The 2nd body, found two weeks later, may have been wearing trousers or pyjamas, this detail is not known (see comment from Clive). This post assumes he was wearing trousers and had at least one other pair in his suitcase. This detail is also not known and another assumption is necessary in order to further the narrative.

In summary: we have at least four pairs of trousers belonging to two men not dissimilar in size and weight and all stored in the same lockup at the same time. Both men had the same initials, both were unknown in Adelaide and thought to have recently arrived.

One a known suicide, the other suspected of being one.

Prior to the inquest Professor Cleland was given the two pairs of trousers said to belong to the 1st body. He said they were about the same size.

“In examining the clothes (trousers), in a fob pocket which was rather difficult to find, just on the right of the fly, I found a piece of paper ..”

In this instance, Prof Cleland is not specific as to whether he was searching the fawn trousers or the Marco Brand. The assumption here is that they were the Marco Brand.

.. Because

When PC Moss searched the fawn trousers he found no slip. It follows that Prof Cleland searched the other pair. What isn’t certain is who they belonged to.

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  1. Clive #

    Apparently, Tibor Kaldor was wearing pyjamas when found dead.

    June 29, 2018
  2. If the slip was to be used by SM as a covert means of identification, why would he have left it in his spare trousers?

    June 29, 2018
  3. I can’t think of any documents that mention in which trousers Cleland found the torn piece, a really good find Pete.

    We know for certain that Marco trousers had fob pockets, I think I posed on that including an image and a pdf on the history of the company. One of the workers had kept an example of the fob pockets and also mentioned that they used to do ‘custom’ work for their customers. The same cannot be said about the trousers he was wearing.

    June 30, 2018
  4. Clive #

    Unfortunately, we don’t know what clothes Tibor Kaldor brought with him to Adelaide, nothing is listed by the police in his file. But, why two suitcases for a four day stay? And, why an ‘inventory’ list of clothing articles, were both suitcases so full of clothes he didn’t know what each contained?

    June 30, 2018
    • Clive, wasn’t one case smaller than the other .. I remember that from some thread, probably here before I deleted the early stuff.

      June 30, 2018
  5. Clive #

    Hi Pete, Yes, Tibor described the suitcase as ‘bigger’ which contained his ‘inventory’ list of clothing articles. Why use ‘articles’? Was he hinting at a particular ‘article’ perhaps, a pair of trousers?

    June 30, 2018
  6. Gordon, on another note: the written comment by Paul Lawson that mentions a phone call from photographer Durham where he asks about the disposal of the original body.
    Could he have been asking about the ‘disposition’ of the body?
    In other words, he rang to ask how the original body was disposed, meaning whether it was ready for him.
    What is more interesting is that Durham called body 1 the original body, perhaps reflecting how the police referred to the case – rather than use the file number.

    July 1, 2018
    • Ben D #

      Could he have been asking about the position of the body, placed?

      July 4, 2018
      • I think the word ‘original’ raises doubt as to how many bodies were lying around in the morgue at the time PL commenced his work. A young laddie yonder claims at least three …..

        July 4, 2018
  7. The words used were quite definitely ‘Disposal of the original body…’

    July 1, 2018
    • Imagine: you’re a butler just opened the front door of the mansion to a caller who has arrived in a Rolls Royce … He asks, ‘How is Madame disposed this afternoon?’
      “Is Madame disposed to meet visitors today?”
      Make sense?

      July 1, 2018
  8. Had a look again and came up with the same view. Here’s the word for word extract from Paul Lawson’s diary:

    Police Job
    Interview with Detectives(Brown + 1)
    Ring from Constable re disposal of original body

    Casting of ears and piecing together mold

    He did not say disposition of the original body, he clearly states ‘..disposal of the original body’

    Here’s the link to the post which includes an image of the actual page:

    July 2, 2018
  9. OOps, should read: ‘ring from Constable Durham’

    July 2, 2018
  10. Clive, Did you ask Paul about the ‘original body’ or whether there was another body?

    July 2, 2018
  11. Clive #

    Hi Gordon/Pete,
    Yes, I did. I showed Paul Lawson a photocopy of his diary entry and, he looked at the signature, at the bottom of the page, and nodded. He then read his diary entry and couldn’t recall anything about an ‘original body’. A case of CML?

    July 9, 2018
    • Any luck on the other question ? … there’s a lottery ticket in it.

      July 9, 2018
  12. Clive #

    Pete, No-but I will!

    July 9, 2018

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