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37 A ballet summary in pictures


he was suntanned to the crotch


. but not on the torso


He had the calves of a ballet dancer


A ballet dancer’s make-up ..


.. contains heavy metals


the bust

Heavy metal traces were found in a hair lifted from the bust


Rosin powder can be dark or pale


. it accumulates on the dancers’ slippers


.. and must be brushed out


These tools ……


.. are not practical for this job


His feet were peculiarly ‘wedge-shaped’


male slippers

.. as are some dancer’s feet


Only Jessica wasn’t required to make a formal statement


D S Leane. The centre of everything.



A photo of the Rubaiyat has never been released – these are not those


A photo of the torn page has never been released – this is not that


A photo of the code before it was enhanced has never been released


Nobody saw him arrive


.. and nobody saw him leave


He died slightly elevated


.. but was found otherwise


We only met for a drink, not often

robin thomson nla 1970

Some say he was the father of a dancer …



He had the means to correspond


.. but there was no correspondence found in his suitcase



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