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28 Moss’s seven discrepancies

PC Moss – from his sworn statement:

” … I found a railway ticket, to Henley Beach, also a bus ticket, a tramway bus ticket. There were cigarettes on the body, which were in a packet. I did not compare them to the one that was partly smoked. The packet produced looks like the cigarettes I found. The comb produced was on the body, also the chewing gum and the metal comb. The bus ticket produced and the railway ticket produced are similar to the tickets I found on the body.

I did not find the slip of paper with the words Tamam Shud.”

Feltus – The Unknown Man.

Blue matches Moss’s account.

” It was later established that the following items were with the stranger: A handkerchief. A pair of underpants (jockey type). A singlet. A train ticketA bus ticket. A part pack of chewing gum (Juicy Fruit). Two combs. A box of Bryant and May matches (quarter full). An Army Club cigarette pack containing seven cigarettes of another brand (Kensitas).”

Moss’s discrepancies.

The handkerchief. Not found.

The cigarettes inside the pack. Not matched with the pack.

The cigarette on his collar. Not matched to the pack or the cigarettes inside. (That’s a double.)

The singlet and underpants (assumed to have been the ones worn by the deceased).

The box of Bryant and May matches. Not found.

The partly-smoked cigarette. Lost.


The Bryant and May matches were, on the face of it, sole proof of the deceased’s ability to light the partly-smoked cigarette Moss found wedged onto his collar by his cheek.

A heavy smoker, he was unlikely to be without the means to light a cigarette and equally unlikely to carry a quantity of cigarettes other than his favourite, particularly when they were widely available. (1949)

Without the partly-smoked cigarette we cannot be sure the cigarettes inside the pack belonged to him – ditto for the cigarettes that were sold with the pack.

Without the matches the deceased would not have been able to light the cigarette found on his collar. Without the Tamam Shud slip there would be no connection to Jessica.

Neither of these items were found on his body. Both were crucial to the case.

The partly-smoked cigarette was not retained as evidence.

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