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27 A box of matches, a cigarette and the Tamam Shud slip

PC Moss didn’t find a Tamam Shud slip on the body.

PC Moss didn’t find a box of matches on the body.

PC Moss didn’t retain the partly smoked cigarette found on the body.

PC Moss didn’t agree with witness Lyons, who insisted the cigarette had not been lit.


1. Is a lit cigarette convincing argument for death to have occurred on the beach?

2. Is an unlit cigarette equally convincing argument for death to have occurred elsewhere?

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  1. Clive #

    On Page 40 of GF’s book, PC Moss stated at the inquest “I did not compare the cigarettes with the one that was partly smoked” doesn’t this suggest a possibility that he had the SM’s cigarette in his possession? Why did PC Moss only list particular items, when the SM’s pockets were seemingly full of odd items?

    April 28, 2018
    • Yes it does. Would he have listed what he found in his report?

      April 28, 2018
  2. Clive #

    So, at the inquest, he’s suggesting it’s too late now to know whether or not the cigarette the SM was smoking was the same brand as the pack found in his clothes. But if PC Moss had, for some reason, the partly smoked cigarette in his possession, what possible reason could there be for not producing it as evidence at the inquest, unless, of course, he had been instructed not to disclose it existed. I’m presuming that PC Moss would/should have gone through SM’s clothing thoroughly and noted every single item, apart from the Taman Shud piece of paper. It’s impossible to believe that PC Moss “missed” so many items later “found” in the SM’s clothing, But, what if the number of items that PC Moss described he found on the SM was accurate?
    GF in his book states ” It was later established that the following items…..” Later established-what does this statement mean? Just how much “later established” is the question

    April 29, 2018
    • It means later established by someone other than PC Moss and a fair bit higher in the chain.

      April 29, 2018

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