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24 Eight witnesses who provided statements

1 Harold Rolfe North (Senior porter, cloak room) – “The (luggage) ticket was issued in respect of a suitcase, not by me.”

2 Douglas George Townsend (Student) – “I could not remember the man to whom I sold the (train) ticket from the photos in the paper.”

3 Edmund Leslie Hall (Claims Officer’s Assistant) – “The bus ticket produced appears to be a ticket issued by a conductor employed by the MTT.”

4 William West (Recorder) – “It is my duty to be aware of times of arrival and departure of trains.”

5 Arthur Anzac Holdernesse (Tram conductor) – “I cannot remember having seen a man like the plaster cast in Court.”

6 John Bain Lyons (Jewellery store proprietor) – “I could not see his face from that distance. I did not see his face until the following day.”

7 Olive Constance Neill (telephonist, seated with GK Strapps) – ” We sat there, and naturally did not notice him very much.”

8 Gordon Kenneth Strapps (Inspector, seated with OC Neill) – “I could only see him from the waist downwards.”


9 Jessica Thomson (Nurse)   … was shown a plaster-cast bust of the deceased man’s head by police. Detective Leane, who was present at the time, claimed she looked “taken aback” upon glancing at the bust and he thought she was going to faint. Paul Lawson, who made the bust and was also present, maintained that she took one look at the bust and looked at the floor for the rest of the interview, giving short one-word answers to almost every question. Both men were under the impression that she knew the deceased man.

Jessica Thomson – the only one of the nine who recognised the deceased – wasn’t questioned any further and was not asked to provide a statement.

The police drove her home after the viewing.

She lived 200 yards from where the body was found.

Her phone number was written on the back of a Rubaiyat thought to have belonged to the deceased.

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