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Why would someone other than the police handle the evidence?

We have been told the reason Professor Cleland tried on the deceased’s jackets was to determine they were both about the same size, a similar argument was put up as the reason why Senior Government Analyst Cowan tried on his shoes and slippers.

Professor Cleland then determined the Barbour thread, button and underpants found in the suitcase provided enough proof for a decision to be made that the suitcase belonged to the deceased.

The suitcase contained a dozen hard-surfaced items. None were tested for fingerprints.

No explanation has ever been offered for this lapse in basic police procedure, particularly given the police sent copies of the deceased’s fingerprints to every English speaking nation in the world in their quest to identify the body.

And there was no question at the inquest about this lack of procedure. Coroner Cleland too remained silent.

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