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the francis story in two parts

Leane said he received the Rubaiyat not long after after the inquest was adjourned. Delivered to his office. Into his hands. By a man.

His team of investigators was no doubt made optimistic by this find and hoped it would lead to further information with regard to the Somerton Man’s death or indeed, his killer.

One of Leane’s team, possibly Detective Brown, contacted the newspapers immediately and gave them the good news. The breakthrough news!

It was found in the back of a car, at the same beach, and at the same time SM died.

However the Rubaiyat was never determined to have been photographed by the investigating police.*

So certain things can be considered.


Either Leane decided that publishing images of a vital piece of evidence would be of no help in solving the case ..

or ..

This was all he had.

A photograph.


*Gerry Feltus, in his book The Unknown Man, only presumed the photograph of the Rubaiyat published by the media was in fact the actual book (p167).

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