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10 Ballet dancers, suntanned to the groin


The Somerton Man was said to have had signs of a previous season’s suntan on his legs and thighs but not his upper body, consistent with someone who wore a shirt to the beach.

The pics below are of a couple of (Ballets Russes) dancers frolicking on Bungan Beach* in the thirties  … far too early for our man, but old habits die hard.


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Lifted from here:

*Bungan Beach is on Sydney’s northern peninsula. What these balleteers didn’t know was that a nice little right-hander broke down the side of the southern headland. Rockpools.

Below is Oscar, an old friend lucky on the day. Pic by his brother Bruce Usher.


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  1. ellen #

    The story of Somerton Man is becoming even more romantic.

    January 11, 2018
  2. Misca #

    The State Library seems to have removed its pictures of the Ballet Russe at North Shore Hospital…

    February 11, 2018
    • nsw+state+library+ballets+russes+north+shore+hospital

      February 11, 2018
  3. Misca #

    Brings up nothing for me.

    February 11, 2018
    • Artist Daryl Lindsay with Ballets russes dancers Betty Souvorova and Alosha, 31 January 1937,
      Give us a sec, trying to save an image ….

      February 11, 2018

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