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9 Ballet dancers and their peculiarly wedge-shaped feet

With thanks to Michelle Potter.



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Judging from what I have been able to discover it appears that the number of sports, activities or occupations that significantly exercise the calf muscles is quite limited. These are: dancing, tennis, cycling, cross country skiing, soccer and sports involving running and jumping. “Calf muscles are used in every running, jumping, dancing activity as well as some kicking activities such as soccer and martial arts.” Quoted from “Coaching and Teaching Female Athletes and Dancers”, by Chris Wells, Kari Fasting, Diane Daum.
I have checked each of these activities and it appears that ballet dancing is the only one that can give the wedged shaped toes that SM is said to have had.
Previously I wasn’t very hot on the hypothesis that SM was a ballet dance, but I am now warming to the idea.

Byron Deveson.

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  1. Ellen #

    Bunions aren’t rare and some non-athletes have well developed calves.

    January 9, 2018
  2. Bunions are common with ballet dancers, probably more so than any other occupation, as are wedge-shaped feet.

    January 9, 2018
  3. bdid1dr #

    Never mind ballet dancers ! Take a good look at cowboys’ feet. Take a good look at any cowboy’s feet — Australian or North American or South American…..


    January 17, 2018
    • I have …. as a matter of fact I’ve got one of Australia’s champion rodeo horsemen living on the neighbouring property – all his boots fit him, they are leather and supple over years of use, and when he stands in his stirrups he’s on the balls of his feet.

      January 17, 2018

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