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another look at roger hollis

Roger Hollis was described as being a Freemason by Edward Hendrie in his book  Bloody Zion.

The book also says the Soviet KGB used Freemasonry to get spies into top British intelligence jobs, and that its biggest success was the naming of the late Sir Roger Hollis as head of MI5 counter-intelligence in 1956.


Many people have heard about the first three masonic degrees or Craft freemasonry which in England is controlled by the United Grand Lodge or Grand Chapter both at Freemasons Hall at Great Queen Street.

However the higher degrees of Masonry, above Master Mason or the third degree, are run by the Supreme Council whose offices are at 10 Duke Street. On, or just off Duke Street are Mason’s Yard, the Chequers pub and the famous Fortnum and Mason’s.

Interestingly 10 Duke Street also is mentioned in Nigel West’s (aka ex MP Rupert Allason) book on MI6. Charles de Gaulle had his HQ there for the “Bureau Central de Reseignments and d’Action” resistance in the Second World War. This was led by Captain Andre Dewarvrin aka Colonel Passy.

Whether 10 Duke Street (aka The Grand East) was used by the French at the instigation of Freemasons, MI6 or MI5 is not clear but there is likely be an overlap between the secretive organisations. Stephen Knight described the higher echelons of freemasonry and the Supreme Council at 10 Duke Street [p39] in his book The Brotherhood [1]. He also mentions several high profile masons, many of these are in the armed forces, and also likely targets to be recruited as officers or agents for MI6.

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10 Duke Street


Roger Hollis helped in the formation of ASIO. He visited Australia twice in 1948, once in the company of Sir Percy Sillitoe, who was thought to have become a Mason while serving in Chesterfield as Chief Constable. Sillitoe went on to head the MI5.

In consequence of the visits individuals were sought to head the new agency by K H Bailey, the Commonwealth Solicitor General.  He asked Justice G S Reed’s advice and in March 1949 Reed, a South Australian,  got the job.


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