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cleland’s second attempt

Professor John Burton Cleland.

GF page 79.

In his evidence to the Coronial Inquest Professor Cleland stated that:

“In examining the clothes, (trousers worn by the deceased) in a fob pocket which was rather difficult to find, just on the right of the fly, I found a piece of paper. 

After I found it and put the paper back, it took me a good deal of time to find it the second time as it was a pocket which could be easily missed.”

… and again, the same page, a note by GF.

The fob pocket on the inside of the waist band of trousers was very common for that period.

Cleland took three months to report his finding of the Tamam Shud slip.

Without his diaries we will never know if the delay was because of his workload, and knowing his fastidious, experienced and all-enquiring Coronial mind, we will never know why it almost failed him in this case.

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