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cleland’s delay

Timelines. I love them. Dates names and places all in well ordered rows, for the picking over. Names especially. Reed, Bailey, Cleland, Brown, Leane, Strangeways  .. lots of names.

No Catholics or Jews amongst them yet but this is early days, a few Masons though and a couple of Methodist / Anglicans.

Appointments show up well in a timeline. Who was hired and who was fired. When. How many made up the team at any given time.

What they did. When they did it.


GF page 79.

“Shortly after DS Leane collected the suitcase (January 19 1949), he handed for examination all the clothing associated with the deceased, including the items he was wearing, to Emeritus Professor John Burton Cleland ….”

GF page 79.

“Leane in a statement mentioned that ‘On the 19th, April, 1949 Professor Cleland informed me he had found a small piece of paper in the Fob Pocket of the deceased’s trousers produced, bearing the words Tamam Shud.'”



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  1. When did news of the torn piece first appear in the press?

    November 23, 2017
    • GF page 81 … It was reported in a local newspaper. No date given. On 10 June Brown submitted a lengthy report to all states. The newspaper report says ” In an effort to trace the book, photographs of the scrap of paper will be sent to inter-state police.”
      Brown told the Press before the event.

      November 23, 2017

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