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the francis legend

From the top ..

1/ On Friday evening, 22 July.

2/ Mr Francis.

3/ A businessman.

4/ From Jetty Road.

5/ Glenelg.

6/ Read in the News about the police trying to locate a copy of the Rubaiyat with a section torn out of the rear page.

7/ He already knew of the body being found on Somerton beach.

8/ He recalled his brother-in-law had left a copy of the Rubaiyat in his car.

9/ A Hillman Minx.

10/ Which he normally parked in Jetty Road.

11/ He went to the car.

12/ The book was still there.

13/ In the glove box.

14/ A section had been torn out of the rear page.

15/ He rang his bother-in-law.

16/ ‘Do you recall.’ Francis asked, ‘when we all went for a drive in my car ….

17/ just after the man was found dead on the beach at Somerton ..

18/ you were sitting in the back ..

19/ with your wife …

20/ and when we all got out ..

21/ the book you were reading ..

22/ you put in the glove box of my car …

23/ and you left it there.’

24/ The bother-in-law said it wasn’t his ..

25/ ‘When I got in the back seat ..

26/ the book was on the floor …

27/ I fanned through some pages ..

28/ I  thought it was yours.

29/ When I got out of the car ..

30/ I put it into the glove box.’


Legends are built on lies.

“The truth is so precious, she must be attended by a bodyguard of lies” Winston Churchill.



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