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the unknown man in ebook .. soon

Gerry Feltus has committed himself to producing an ebook version of The Unknown Man, this is good news.

What is so excellent about GF’s book is that it restricts itself to the the facts and this is enough of a challenge on its own for it’s obvious that reporting all the bewildering and seemingly unconnected facts in a clear and well-structured way is a challenge to anyone who wants to take on writing a comprehensive* hypothesis of the seventy year-old mystery.

Feltus’ approach leaves plenty of room for other authors to explore the various hypotheses in more detail. We remember Kerry Greenwood’s attempt, Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery, and Murder 1948 Style by Ron Rosewood.

And another publication by a fellow whose name escapes me.

This is what they said about it.

It’s quite fun to look back and see the use the author has made of the many bewildering clues.
His style is accessible: conversational but literate. There is suspense but also wry humour. I plan to read it again some time, possibly on a long haul flight – the time will pass very quickly.

and again:

The focus of the book changes and changes, building up a pointillist tale. And then they end up on a beach, a mystery as deep as the Rubaiyat itself. And we know what happened. We can look back and see the entire canvas spread out in front of us.

*The entire canvas, I like that, it means every known fact about the case has been covered.
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