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during the long investigation

The police had been handed a book with a telephone number written on its back cover. The book was found in a car parked close to the scene of a murder. The telephone number was of a woman living close to the scene of the same murder.

The woman knew the murder victim.


During the long investigation, one problem may have been how to deal with the six months that had elapsed between finding the book and handing it in.

During that time the book had lain in an open tray under the passenger-side dash of a sedan car. (pic)

The police may have found it necessary to ask the car owner if it was likely that one of his passengers over the six months period might have written down the number. The woman worked as an unregistered nurse, her live-in companion at the same number was a second-hand car dealer.

They may have asked the owner the same questions.

‘Did you have any reason to call an unregistered nurse?’

‘Did you have any reason to call a second hand car dealer?’

Whether the police had success we will never know, but neither the nurse nor her live-in partner were formally interviewed and the car-owner was granted full anonymity.

Even to this day.



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