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the unsophisticates

I walked into the local Post Office / General Store this morning, the one that has a few books for sale I’m familiar with so I picked out the one that has the Rubaiyat code pictured inside and walked up to the counter and said to Al, the Postmaster, ‘Hey, Al!’

Now Al has been selling the Bookmaker for a year or so and of course I gave him a copy to read at the beginning of the arrangement but Al never made it halfway through. ‘Not my stuff, ‘ he said, ‘too many bodies in motion.’

‘Look at what I found here, Al, see what you think.’

By this time the two ladies who assist Al in the shop have hove to and gathered around, all ears, Deidre and Jen, after all, I’m the only bloke silly enough to write books up here in the hills then watch them gather dust on Al’s shelves with the out-dated tourist brochures.

I flicked through the book to a picture of the Rubaiyat code, then showed them how I lifted out the name Danetta.

wrgoababD mliAoi wtbimpaNEetp mliaboaiaqc iTTmtsamstgAb

Well that went down pretty well so I turned a few pages on and showed them a picture of the letter Q and all it contained. Wonder of wonders. Gordon, you’re better than good for a few beers up here next ping pong night at Jasper hall.

Then I told them Danetta means God is my judge in Hebrew and the nurse in the book that was connected to the body in the book was was also connected to the Jewish faith in that respect.

That was it, they were speechless, so I bought a bottle of rum and drove home. It’s already half gone.


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  1. Clive #

    I think I’ve mentioned it previously, but on 4 out of the 5 lines of the code letters, the seventh letter is an ‘A’; and sorry for pointing out the obvious, but both Jessica & Danetta have seven letters and end in the letter ‘A’-coincidence?

    November 2, 2017

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