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pyjamas and a dressing gown

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Agents in the field, according to the literature, are highly trained in every aspect of their profession, whether it be following somebody on the street, compiling a message or arranging a meeting. Guns, poisons, codes and seduction, all have their place in the scheme of things, and above them all, secrecy.

What trained man would place a piece of paper on a soft surface before proceeding to write on it?

Would he travel with his pyjamas slippers and robe?

Would he have arranged for a meeting on the day he arrived, then check out his luggage?

Find a hotel?

Would a trained man have the luxury of time?

Does it sound like a planned operation?

What trained man would miss two tickets when searching a trouser pocket?

Miss a small piece of folded paper inside a fob pocket?

What trained man would discard an object that could be used to identify him?


Did any of the Adelaide newspapers run an ad about the time Tibor arrived that could be connected in some way, or manner, to an ad placed at about the time SM arrived?

A phone number say, or a type of car for sale.

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  1. Clive #

    Although Ina Harvey commented about a small case found in his room. If he stayed a few days in the Strathmore, surely the absence of any suitcase, change of clothes etc would have struck her as very odd, was he wearing the same clothes for days at a time? Yet she only talked about the small case in his room, as if nothing else mattered, which is probably true as, conveniently, she couldn’t remember his name, the room number he stayed in, the contents of the box he gave her.

    October 14, 2017
  2. The manuals are interesting, the level of detail is quite amazing. I think you’ll find that there are references to the issue of writing and indentations and what they say is that whenever an agent writes on a piece of paper and uses another as a rest, they should smooth out the paper beneath by using a hot flat iron or to steam the paper and destroy the telltale evidence.that was left. This applies to normal writing and to writing using ‘secret inks’.

    Not normally given to linking back to the blog but there is some very relevant information on a page I wrote some years ago about forensic aspects of micro writing with examples including, believe it or not, a section on the Bronte sisters and a note thanking you Pete for a link you provided:

    Quite a few aspects are covered off with a specific reference to indentations.

    The circumstances of the finding of the book would suggest that, as you put it, there was no time to destroy/remove the evidence. Could it be that the codepage had been freshly written? Then again, there are other traces of indentations that lie outside of the letters covered over by the police, that would suggest that the book had been in regular use as a resting pad.

    Sloppy work or done by someone who was in home territory and who thought that discovery of what had been written was not an issue for them at least. Could that mean that whoever disposed of the book had taken it from the original owner and they themselves were far from being in home territory?

    October 15, 2017

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