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half-a-dozen square-shaped envelopes

continued from here:

“The man’s luggage contained a couple of fine-point lead pencils and about six envelopes, unstamped. There was no writing paper or pen in his suitcase. No pen on his person.”


This from young Smedley, sharp young thinker Smedley, always onto it like a flash.

Sir nodded. Smedley piped up.

‘TheĀ envelopes were to be used for a different purpose, sir’


If a fellow was in the habit of passing information to another fellow on a regular basis, and he had a particular system in place that had yet to fail, he might consider laying in a little inventory, something that, if found, would not assist the finder with his enquiries.

An envelope is made to contain, and if a letter doesn’t fulfil this function what other objective, relevant to the case, could he have had in in mind when he purchased six of them?



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Does anybody else have a problem posting to CM? Not like the old boy to have done something rash, is it?

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  1. Clive #

    Perhaps he used an envelope at a dead letter drop, with something inside it. The recipient took out the “something inside it” and left the same envelope to be picked up by the sender?

    October 9, 2017
    • According to the literature on the subject, the fellow doing the pick up is trained to be in and away like a shadow, unremembered by anyone who chanced by.

      October 9, 2017

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