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battle lines

Things are getting serious in Tamamland, the tribes are separating and becoming warlike. Unkind words said in the distant past are being painted on battle flags and waved in public places to goad the curious.

He said this ..

He said that ..

The play acting cannot continue, and in the great tradition of this wide brown land girt by sea we will attempt to remedy the situation. This too will involve going back on old ground and digging up this and that … but sincerely done and to further our knowledge of the case itself.

There will be some piss-taking. Nobody will be excluded. Fanciful theories posted here and on Cipher will be exhumed and re-examined, this time with a more ruthless eyes. Like Prof. Cleland, we will sniff at the entrails.

I’m thinking a lengthy and imaginative series.

So, you have to ask .. who’s on first?

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