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the code mark-up

The one thing that hasn’t been satisfactorily explained by those who disbelieve Cramer’s findings, is why the images we have of the individual lettersĀ look like they do.

Many believe the code to be an acrostic, in other words the faint indentations Leane found were capital letters, pure and simple, and being so slightly indented the decision was made by the police to photograph them, develop the print, mark-up the print then photograph the result and release the marked-up image to the press. This is what we are looking at.

By marking up, I’d imagine all you would need do is trace over each letter in the photo.

Child’s play.

The letter A is three straight lines, the letter P is one straight line and a half-circle etc … but the letters (below) don’t look like such a simple trace, and they appear to have been done by more than one person, or by different techniques.

The letter P for instance: there are two mark-up layers.

The letter R, why do the lines waver? Same with N.

But why don’t the lines waver in P?

This marking-up would have been a careful exercise done under supervision; the book was evidence in an open case involving a mysterious death and care would have been taken with the process, the end result officially approved, the book itself taken away. Unmarked.


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What was the mark-up marking over?

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  1. Misca #

    I’d like to know who the stoopid azzd detective was who didn’t document what he was doing? It’s absolutely disgraceful. And why we are where we are today. Who traced what, how and why and what was traced. Not a single bit of information arabout this.

    I have read different accounts. That it was traced over slight pencil marks ( GF I believe), that it was traced over indentations left from a missing last page (newspaper articles) but nothing from police files or inquest lend any further information.

    September 19, 2017
  2. The inquest never had the opportunity to see this new evidence, the coroner had shut it down.

    September 19, 2017
  3. It was GF that told me it was definitely indentations and that part of the process was to turn the image negative. That fits.

    September 19, 2017

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