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what is it with spies and hotels?

The Strathmore. Adelaide.

Picture a man waiting in the lobby over a number of days in late November 1948, a flute case under his arm.


The Clifton Gardens. Sydney.

Picture a woman waiting for a man, a Rubaiyat in his pocket.


The Maid and the Magpie. Adelaide.

Picture a man wearing brown horn-rimmed glasses and carrying a black briefcase and a folded copy of the Age, waiting for a woman.


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  1. I think Tibor and his hotel would be a good candidate for inclusion, might be being a bit previous with that but only a little…

    August 30, 2017
    • Two men in the morgue at the same time, both badged TK, both looking like suicide . .

      August 30, 2017
  2. Byron Deveson #

    Ahh! The Maid and the Magpie hotel. The GRU agent. ASIO. The high speed satellite squirt radio transmitter. Horrie Pile. Ivan Skripov. Kay Marshall (the dangle) and it appears Robert Stephen Patrick Gould (21! ASIO files in the NAA) who probably fitted the ASIO definition of “a bad bastard”. Don’t worry. Lionel Murphy didn’t appreciate that weak attempt at humour either.

    August 30, 2017
  3. Byron Deveson #

    Kay Marshall? I wonder if she has any connection to George Marshall? Probably not, but…

    August 30, 2017
    • … too good to be true, but …

      August 30, 2017
      • john sanders #

        Seems that we’re getting out somewhat on our connected historical range but no matter some of best known spies stayed around. Best known for deceipt, concocted evidence and other cunning stunts, was rotten Ronald (George) Richards, another criss cross copper who came over from Perth to Asio in ’49 and eventualĺy got to the top but one after doing good work on ‘The Case, Cabin & Boomerang’. I’m looking for help with a name of a plant that Ron used to expose and convict the ‘AFM (Nip) Four’ out of Perth in March ’42; reason being, I’m working this case concerning a bloke found dead on an Adelaide beach some time ago and if you’re all not to busy please lend a hand.

        August 31, 2017
        • .. refers above

          Appointed (1949) regional director in Perth of the newly formed Australian Security Intelligence Organization, Richards resigned from the police force.
          In an operation codenamed Venona, ASIO was inquiring into leaking of information from the Department of External Affairs to the Embassy of the Soviet Union, picked up in Soviet diplomatic cables collected and decoded by United States of America intelligence officials between 1943 and 1949.

          Richards was transferred to Sydney in 1950 and made deputy-director of operations for Venona, with the task of investigating the disclosures and the eleven Australians identified in the deciphered messages. In November 1952 he was sent to London to work with Military Intelligence, Section 5, on Venona.

          Another connection from Greene’s man, idling in the tropics.

          August 31, 2017
          • john sanders #

            And the name is?… Actually Greene is connected in a way through his commie mentor Inky Stephenson while both were reading Lit. at Balliol in ’22. The former in his later life was known for his brilliant economy with words, while the latter, as publisher, wouldn’t look at anything shorter than ‘War & Peace. He also was leader of Australia First and spent three years plus in Big Bob Wake’s Tatura camp with twenty of his fellow nazi/fascist/ imp. Jap loving mates.

            August 31, 2017
  4. This is a game of names, all scattered about like shining stones. Fair enough. The Gawler Station tea-ladies all had names too, and women were the fancy of recruiters on both sides.
    Venona saw to that.

    August 31, 2017
    • john sanders #

      But the Royal Commission 54/55 said if there was anthying there it was most assuredly only home spun and that OSS/CIA claims were most likely just a bunch of old anti Bolshi rhetoric, totally unconnected with alleged cold war catch-up strategies that did not concern us anyhow. Beria was just about to be retired, Trotsky had long since been whacked in Voynich’s Mexico and Kruschev was preparing to hit uncle Joe with his last big dose of foxglove. Of course the defection of the drunken know nothing Petrov came at just the right time to titilate our true blue aussie lusting for the latest reds in the bed fake news scandal; Then guess what?, zilch; Nothing happened until Neil Harvey and Norm O’Neil came along to see us through the next ashes series and crazy Joe Stalin became a good commie afterall..And the Gawler Station tea ladies can please thempluckingselves.

      September 1, 2017
      • … refers above.

        “The Royal Commission’s final report was presented to the Governor-General on 22 August 1955 and to Parliament on 14 September 1955 (see Parliamentary Papers 1954–55, Volume III, pp.187–677). The principal findings of the Commission included that: the ‘Petrov Papers’ were authentic documents and the Petrovs were truthful witnesses; from its establishment in 1943 to its departure in 1954, the Soviet Embassy in Canberra had been used for espionage in Australia; and
        the only Australians who knowingly assisted Soviet espionage were Communists.
        The Commissioners recommended that no prosecutions be launched as a consequence of their inquiry.”

        September 1, 2017
  5. Misca #

    Lindbergh (of kidnapping fame) spearheaded America First and appears in Australia First (The Publicist) files. Are we sure we want to go there? We could all get very lost!

    September 1, 2017
    • Blame Sanders, he’s addicted to the John Guare philosophy of Six Degrees of Separation. I’d rather put together a quick fiction that includes two-case Tibor and two-ticket SM.

      September 1, 2017
      • john sanders #

        Misca: If only it were that simple, and of course old CL and Mrs. Simpson’s lover Teddy were fascists, both having had fond aquaintance with AH who shared their feelings about Jews, dark skined races and other non Aryan types. I’m happy to push ahead down this path with my prime suspect, the ‘Disturbing Element’.

        September 1, 2017

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