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some things you should know

This is Ellen. She digs me. So does CliveT and GC, but they ain’t so pretty.

Tomorrow the Royal Avalon Book Society gets to review the Bookmaker, and seeing most of them are reformed dopers and retired policeman, I’m doubtful anything meaningful will come from their efforts, bless them.

Just so’s you know.

luvyezall, even Johnno havachat Sanders.



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  1. Ellen #

    Have I got a Rubaiyat for you,big boy! Beware the honey pot……lessons from Jestyn!

    August 17, 2017
  2. Clive #

    I’m sure that Ellen is very pretty, as for GC and myself, our pretty days are over. Though, for myself, it does get a tad embarrassing being mistaken for another GC (George Clooney)!

    August 17, 2017
    • ellen #

      So you’re the one sending me all those drinks, Clive.

      August 18, 2017
  3. ellen #

    What if I have gotten it all wrong? What if Jestyn wasn’t a “femme fatale” but that other noir meme, “a damsel in distress”? Today is around the anniversary of Alf’s and Jestyn’s first encounter. It has been 72 years. She is a young ingĂ©nue who has been hiding out from her usual routine at nursing school. She had developed an interest in psychiatric cases and was exploring the newest breakthrough, insulin therapy. It was supposed to be curing dementia praecox at a rapid rate. A doctor at the hospital had allowed her to intern with George Marshall who was believed to have a nervous breakdown by his well connected family. George turned up missing and recently was featured in all the newspapers as having committed suicide on a beach surrounded by a barbiturate bottle and rubaiyat jottings. Someone had told Jestyn that Alf was in intelligence. She had to share what she knew with someone. The papers had made it seem that George was a mental incompetent. She had gotten to know him and he was brilliant and onto something. He had a traumatic brain injury as a child which made him moody and intense, impulsive and unable to restrain his viewpoints but he was a keen observer. He interested her in his Persian outlook and Zorastrianism. While he worked at the Prices Commission, he uncovered financial dealings with foreign companies. He saw what they purchased and whether these prices were fair or not. He saw irregularities and in his precision proved that the Nazis were calling the shots. He went to management and was sacked. Another person was blamed in the papers but George was pursued by the medical community which resulted in an insulin coma and wandering on the beach. Before he disappeared, he handed her some poetry books and codes. Alf glanced at one in which the word “Samstag” appeared…the German word for Saturday. Now she was extremely frightened. George’s girlfriend wound up floating in the bottom of her bath tub and her mother blamed a very evil man named Andre. A well built dapper stranger had begun to follow her at the nursing school. The other nurses had begun to tease her since it was so obvious. Her friend Joyce who accompanied Jestyn told Alf that she had noticed him too. She had tried to approach George’s family but they were only interested in covering things up. She had no where to turn. She fluttered her heavy dark eyelashes and Alf was immediately mesmerized into helping her.

    August 18, 2017
  4. Very creative but I am not going to dismiss it, strange things do happen. A map showing the locations at Taylors Bay, Jestyn’s residence and of course the Clifton Gardens beach/harbour for small ships might shed some additional light.

    August 18, 2017
    • john sanders #

      Joyce’s husband Jimmy Hawkins (water tpt) had just undertaken a rudimentary course in Malay for some reason. Wasn’t Alf’s rubaiyat an English/Malay version?

      August 18, 2017
      • No, it was printed in Kazakhstan, ferried over the Himalayas on the back of a yack, then shipped from Bombay to Sydney in a box of opium glue. Alf on duty at the submarine gates at the time. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

        August 18, 2017
        • john sanders #

          I’m talking about the flaming Omar Khayam book of polms not the Voynich manuscript; get with the program son.

          August 19, 2017
          • That’s entirely incorrect, old veteran, the Vm (as we cipherologists are wont to call it) was deciphered in full by the Vatican centuries ago before being left on a bench in a Rome bus station and found by a homeless drug-affected street artist who defaced the naked nymphs in such an obscene manner it unfortunately continues to consume interest and comment in some overeducated circles that have little else to do but sit around in their own spent air.

            August 19, 2017
    • Ellen #

      In another newspaper account, Gwen’s mother identifies Andre as Helmut Herndon. Why does everyone in those days have so many names?

      August 19, 2017

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