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a denial of intelligence: part 2

Always begin with the Somerton bible, this is gospel.

GF page 114, para 1: code breakers and spy theories

“After the letters were revealed on the rear cover of the Rubaiyat Detective Sergeant Leane sought the assistance of the Navy Office at Port Adelaide.

On 29 July 1949 a photograph of the letters and a copy of a similar Rubaiyat were forwarded to the Director of Naval Intelligence in Melbourne.”


A photograph of the letters.

A similar Rubaiyat.

Sealed in an envelope for the attention of Eric Nave. RAN. SIB. FRUMEL. SIGINT. ASIO.

Deciphering for the purpose of:


How does that work?

Here we have Australia’s ace director of code-breaking: a man destined to be at the sharp end of the new ASIO and he’s asked to decipher a photograph of traced  over smeared over indentations on the back of a Rubaiyat given to the police by the anonymous Mr Francis. Add to that, code-breaker Nave has been given another version of the Rubaiyat to assist him .

So there goes any hope of him finding the bloody key.

Am I alone in this?

Indentations initially found and examined by the police with the help of UV lens. Police happy enough to short-cut Nave’s time on the job by painting them over before sending him the altered images for deciphering, thereby denying him the opportunity to see the real article and run through the same UV routine they used.




There’s something in the P, under the police paint. Dark ridges and pale divisions. What are they?

Header pic is Tolstoy – he had the same problem with lost opportunity


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