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in the national interest

Australia. 1948/49. Someone remind me ..

.. where we stood with British Intelligence.

Roger Hollis had made two visits. The problem? Communist sympathisers in government departments. Who, me? Asked Evatt. Yes, you. Replied Hollis.

Where we stood with American Intelligence.

Not so simple over there to the east, half of them were chasing American communists and the other half was wondering if Hollis’ men were spying on them for the Russian communists.

Kim Philby got into the Verona traffic rooms without any trouble.

The Americans broke even, and banned all intelligence sharing with Australia until it got its intelligence agency sorted.

Meanwhile ..

Detective Sergeant Lionel Leane voiced the decision to keep a man’s name confidential. Our Mr Francis. Mr Francis was connected to a man found dead on Somerton Beach. Thought to have been murdered.

This is undisputed.

The murdered man is thought, by some, to have been a communist spy.


Brigadier General Sir Raymond Lionel Leane, CB, CMG, DSO (and Bar), MC, VD (1878 – 1962)

I can quote from

Leane, as South Australia’s police commissioner after WW1, acted firmly against those involved in any “communist inspired” demonstrators.

or Wikipedia:

Enrolling 3,000 special constables, Leane ruthlessly suppressed protests he thought were communist inspired.

1948 – 49

Given the intense hunt going on for communist sympathisers in Australia’s department of External Affairs and the Hollis inspired make-over of Australia’s security agency – together with the inter-governmental mistrust sown by these actions – a word from man such as Raymond Lionel Leane to his son that an Adelaide matter best be kept out of the newspapers might be better understood.

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  1. ellen #

    Not to mention that atom bomb technology was up for grabs.

    June 28, 2017
  2. No it wasn’t.

    June 28, 2017
  3. Ellen #

    How did England and Russia get it….not to mention Dimona?

    June 28, 2017

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