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keane and kaldor

Kean(e) and Kaldor came to town within two weeks of each other and both committed suicide. Neither knew anybody in town. Both left suicide notes; one of over two pages and with an extensive inventory of possessions, the other two words ripped from a book.

Both were poisoned.

They shared the same morgue and their suitcases the same lockup. They shared the same initials.

One man was reported as wearing a brown knitted pullover, this does not appear to have been examined as evidence. It has also been overlooked on the cover image of GF’s book, The Unknown Man.

The same man’s personal property, as originally reported, was later amended to include a pair of underpants and a singlet. It’s assumed these were carried in his pockets.

Keane: thought to have missed his train because he wanted to take a bath, having to leave the station because of the limited bathing facilities.

Keane: with his suitcase in one hand and a change of underwear in his pockets, walking through the city, finding the baths, buying a ticket, going to the change room.

His suitcase was lodged at the luggage office an hour before lunch. Another travel ticket was purchased at the station and found on his body.

T Keane, written on the back of a white tie. Kean and Keane written elsewhere on his clothing.

What can you make of all that?


Did Keane lodge his suitcase when he arrived, after taking out a change of underwear?

Was he ‘appropriated’ in the station bathroom?

Was his suitcase redeemed, searched then lodged again?

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