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ten. end game

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June 1949

Sine Die

The inquest into the death of a body located at Somerton on 1.12.48 adjourned by Coroner Cleland. His death ruled not accidental, poison suspected: administered by persons unknown.

DS Leane waited, knowing the game was up.

23 July 1949

The Mail (Adelaide)

“Last night an Adelaide Businessman read of a search in the News and recalled that in November he had found a copy of the book which had been thrown on the back seat of his car while it was parked in Jetty Road, Glenelg.

The book, the last page of which is torn, has been handed to the police. The finder of the book today handed it to Det. Sgt. Leane. On the last page the words “Tamam Shud” had been torn out.

On the back of the book are several* telephone numbers and a series of capital letters, written in pencil, the meaning of which have not yet been deciphered.”


Some have said the back cover was missing when Francis gave the book to Leane and it had been replaced by a crudely altered photograph, one that hid the irregular patterns of the printed indentations but provided a clear picture of the capital letters used by the writer to carry them.


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