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the voynich manuscript and the somerton man

There is a compelling similarity between the Voynich and Somerton Man mysteries.

Most spooks agree the Somerton Man affair involved espionage of one type or another.

Most realists agree the Voynich manuscript is not a language.

Realists will not place a supposed fact in the place of a missing one, and given espionage is all about hiding facts they are in a quandary. They cannot find what isn’t there and it isn’t there because it’s been deliberately hidden.

Spooks understand this procedure. Much has been written. (eyes right – – >)


There is general agreement the Gypsies entered Europe from Northern India, that’s been covered in a previous post. They came with their wagons, families, customs and languages. They also sowed, beaded, be-jewelled themselves, embroidered their finery and painted their wagons, repaired leather, made jewellery and tolerated most religions but we are asked to believe they never put pen to parchment.

“There is no record of any written language(s).”

Ian Hancock, Professor, Department of Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas.

No messages. No letters home. No inscriptions on stone for others to read. No signs on their wagons advertising their particular skills and products for sale: ground spices say, or preserved roots, some for eating others for treating. No blackboard and chalk for their children, no lessons in a word’s shape and a word’s sound.


What Professor Hancock might mean is that there is no record of any written Gypsy language in any place he’s looked.

St Xaviers – what might reward a man after a month in the Mumbai archives with an interpreter? A language teacher say, female, Hindi name of  Jessica.


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