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consensus: origin of the gypsy migrations and their languages

We can derive the following from a consensus of five separate sources*.

(1) The Gypsies appeared out of India.

(2) They travelled in three migrations.

(3) The dialects they used resembled Surat (Saurashtra) and Devenagari.

* Ian Hancock, Professor, Department of Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas.

Gypsies in the Ottoman Empire: A Contribution to the History of the Balkans by Elena Marushiakova, Veselin Popov. Oct 2016.

Kemal Vural Tarlan – authors the Middle East Gypsies website

Deardon’s Miscellany.

Georgy Tsvetkov, Writer and President of the Russian Romani Union.

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The Gypsies must be considered.

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