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the fortean times march issue

When a man has a book out there on SM and he is alerted to a website / magazine that currently features old man Somerton, there’s only one course of action to take.

Find their forum.

Join up.

Start a thread and post this:

Good morning.
I’m new here after being pointed to your site by my publisher. As it happens I’ve just completed and have had a modest book published about this mystery. It took five years of research, including many contacts with the detective in charge of the cold case, Gerry Feltus.
The book is a fiction but almost every aspect of the mystery has been covered. The code, the nurse, her sudden departure from Sydney, the army lieutenant, the Rubaiyat itself, the meetings in the Clifton Gardens Hotel, and of course the dead man himself. Where he came from, what he did, how he died and who killed him. Why he was killed, how he was transported to the beach, how the Tamam Shud slip ended up in his fob pocket, what the tools in his luggage were used for, the reason he had no spare socks in his luggage ….. and more. How he met the nurse, who introduced them, why he followed her to Adelaide.
The lot.
Every question answered.
It’s on Amazon, ebook and softcover and as cheap as chips. Two reviews up already, both good.
Thanks to you good folks, more people are being drawn into this fascinating mystery, one day we might learn the truth, in the meantime we can read the fiction.
Thanks for the opportunity to put in a plug. We all love a mystery, right?
The book is titled ‘The Bookmaker from Rabaul’

Who knows, maybe they’ll leave it there a day or two.

It’s all about sales, right?



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  1. Normally you’d be posting about all the inaccuracies and misconceptions in the article – cat got your tongue now you’ve got a book to sell? :-p

    March 22, 2017
    • Smartarse, I’ve become so used to inaccuracies I’m assuming there are as many in that article as there have been in so many others, besides, I don’t like exchanging Aus dollars for GB pounds … it rankles.

      March 22, 2017
      • Errrm…. I’m presuming you have actually seen a copy of the March issue at all, right?

        March 23, 2017

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