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the code: a structure

Messages written by persons unknown.

First believed to be indentations pressed onto the back of a Rubaiyat by a person writing on a loose page the same size as the book, then photographed after someone ran an ink pen over them, hiding the indentations but bringing the capital letters (the surface code) into hard relief. That’s what we’re looking at here, what’s on top.

Perhaps the code page was slipped into the Rubaiyat before being handed over, that particular edition being the one with the key needed to unlock the (under surface) code.

But the overwrite was unable to hide the letter Q from Gordon Cramer. He has lifted up her skirts and peeked in.


Previously hidden code on the letter Q

Perhaps the message is structured in some way; the writers amateurs, men or women who made up their own rules.

Line 1: sent by W to M. The task.

Line 2: M’s response, the line-through signifying task failure.

Line 3: W’s response. Write this one off and try again. Do it this way.


Line 4: M’s second attempt.

Line 6: Vis for victory. Now do this.

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