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mystery within mystery

The South Australian police had to deal with two suicides in the one month. Both men were visitors, one was foreign the other possibly so. Their business in Adelaide not known.

One was found to have a background, the other was stripped of his identity. One had noted an un-named friend in London, the other a local phone number.

One was found dead in a hotel room, the other on a beach.

One was poisoned, the other possibly so.

Both left suicide notes.

Both shared the same morgue.

Both had suitcases.

Both wore trousers.

Their clothes, suitcases and contents shared the same Police lockup.

The same shelves.

Both men were about the same size.

tibor 1 tibor 2

the slip from the rubaiyat

One man was staying in the hotel where he was found.

His suitcase may have also contained pyjamas dressing gown and slippers.

An inventory of his clothing and possessions is no longer available.


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