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the roger hollis table of possibilities – updated

Author Ron Morgans visited a golf club in Weston-super-mare and found that every trace of Hollis had been deleted, despite that Hollis had been club captain. He also found that Hollis had lived at ‘Primrose Cottage’ in Catcott village.

Morgan was told that Hollis was buried in the stone of a cemetery wall by a farmer at the local pub.

“Sir Roger? He’s there, all right. He’s in the churchyard wall. They took out a flint and put ‘im in there. There ‘aint no marks, though. You won’t see ‘im.”

‘Britain’s Establishment has always used an unmarked grave as a sign of treachery, going back eons. So why for Sir Roger? MI5 gives you short shrift on the matter.
‘It was claimed that Sir Roger Hollis, who was Director General of the Security Service from 1956-1965, was a Russian spy. The Trend inquiry of 1974 cleared Hollis of that accusation. Subsequently, the evidence of the former KGB officer Oleg Gordievsky confirmed this judgement.’

In Britain unmarked graves are the resting place reserved for notorious criminals like Myra Hindley and Dr Harold Shipman. Earlier for Nazi war crimes perpetrators like Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering and Adolf Eichmann.

And yet Sir Roger Hollis was ignominiously hidden away behind an unmarked stone in a country graveyard wall, only his widow and a local shepherd left to tend his memory.’

Ron Morgans



Was Roger Hollis a double agent?

Google that question and it gets you eighteen pages of responses. Google for an image and there’s only three four.

The Roger Hollis what if table of possibilities ..

(1) what if Hollis was patriotic?

(2) What if Hollis was unpatriotic?

(3) What if the unpatriotic Hollis was approached by Russia?

or .. (4) What if the unpatriotic Hollis approached Russia?

(5) What if the patriotic Hollis was told to appear as unpatriotic Hollis?

.. then

(6) What if the unpatriotic Hollis who approached the Russians was the patriotic Hollis in his guise ?


Was Roger Hollis a triple agent?



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  1. ellen #

    After reading that great book, The Bookmaker of Rabaul, I read Too Secret Too Long by Chapman Pincher. How could MI5 not know that Roger Hollis was owned by the Soviets?
    It is a given.

    Okay, wild speculation on my part. What if Roger died in Shanghai from TB and was replaced by a Soviet Roger? The Russian was brilliant and not given over to the bottle. When he was reintroduced in England, he didn’t go back to his family but to Switzerland with a purported case of TB. Any differences could be explained by his time away from home and the serious illness. He is inserted into MI5 and with no background to speak of, has a meteoric rise to the top while living just around the corner from Red Sonia and family.

    It would be very important to cover up this mole at all costs.

    December 23, 2016
  2. Well, they covered up his grave, maybe that’s symbolic.

    December 23, 2016
  3. At a rough guess, ‘cover up’ is by far the most commonly used phrase in the SM case…

    December 23, 2016
  4. I’ve only found three images of Hollis … there must be more.

    December 23, 2016
  5. ellen #

    There is another picture in the Chapman Pincher book. “MI5’s Director of Security, Roger Hollis (later Sir) on a boat trip in West Germany in 1951, wearing his homburg hat, then a Whitehall badge of seniority. His noticeably hunched stance was to be recalled by Gouzenko, the defector whom he had interviewed in Canada.”

    December 24, 2016
    • Thanks Ellen, got it. Happy Christmas over there.

      December 24, 2016
  6. ellen #

    He dropped out of college before graduating and took a job in a bank to pay for a trip to China where he eked out an existence as a journalist, later clerking for a tobacco company.

    While in college, people characterized him as a good time bottle man but later when he returned from China, he was described as being quiet and mousy and took credit for his brother’s achievements. Yet despite being apolitical, uncharming, unhealthy physically, broke, and a dropout, he rose to be the head of MI5.

    December 24, 2016
  7. ellen #

    Merry Christmas to you! I am escaping from the snow (and the election aftermath) with all these great historical books…..doubles and intrigue have been going on for some time.

    December 25, 2016
  8. Finished your book tonight Pete. Thanks for a great read. Particularly appreciate and admire the division between fiction and fact. A “must read” for anyone interested in this case. Deeply honoured by your “shout out”. : )

    December 27, 2016
    • You did the work, I just floated on the sidelines. Thanks Misca.

      December 27, 2016
  9. John sanders #

    Who put Lawson’s mole inside Sapol and who arranged for Errol Caney & Ray Whitrod to go to Canberra in ’48. Who saw to it that incompetent Dets. Dee & Dum toOK over the case. Who was it that made arangements for the p.o.w & Internment camps to be set up at the request of Chamberlain (no not you lIndy) and most importantly who was responsible for bringing Roger Hollis to Australia so as to put his stamp on Asio and to enable himself to be made effective head of same by Messrs. Evatt & Reed. There are many more whos conected to this most intriguing chappy whom we all can now identify but as to why, and that is the burning question. Well it might have been due to the threat of being found out rather than just being suspected which he loved ala Sir Roger, but I think that it was most likely to have been for simple practical necessity that finally decided SM’s fate in the end. Two clues, firstly he was a bigamist and he had a son Vladimir who may well have been responsible for Clive’s (courtesy of Gerry) most recent cipher contribution, the one with the deliberate mistakes and the one major faux pas. ‘The Snapper King’ sadly left us in ’74 but his contribution to our great old australian tradition of nonchalant disregard for both political and social conformity lives on thanks Christ…PS sorry if this stuff is already in your book Pete and more so if it is not because I’m sure that you know all the answers.

    January 2, 2017
  10. John sanders #

    Absolutely and his intervention was perhaps the final solution. There was always something rotting in Renmark but perhaps also in Loxton.

    January 2, 2017
    • What do you say, Johnno, let’s you and me have a better look at Henry(Lawson) … the Somerton Man Johnny-on-the-spot.

      January 2, 2017
  11. John sanders #

    Is he too old for a spot of waterboarding. We note with some concern that Alf, Alex, didn’t make it back from Canberra and so extreme prejudice would have to be excluded. ‘Turn the lights down nurse and leave me while I hold my last review’

    January 2, 2017
  12. Robert Nowak #

    Hi Pete, Clive, Gordon, comrades! While I am not entirely convinced about the spy scenario, regarding the apparent suppression & avoidance of information in the Somerton Man case, has anyone considered the suppression of the ‘Mitrokhin archive’ material relating to Australia by the Keating government? That a Labor government was in power in 1948 may be a motivation for this and other relatively recent disappearances of archival material noted by some researchers. Just a passing thought which is about as good as it gets from me. I trust everyone survived Xmas and will have an adequate New Year!

    January 2, 2017
    • MITROKHIN …. archives of, Australian 1948 related, Keating govt. suppression. Is that ok for a google enquiry, Rob?

      January 2, 2017
  13. Robert Nowak #

    I guess so, Pete. I came across some stuff about it today and found that Keating in 1992 had somehow had reference to Australia omitted from published parts of the archive..I made a more general inquiry simply /Australia, Mitrokhin. That yielded quite a few articles. I haven’t the time or skills to look deeply into it but it looked interesting & the one article I read (here: seemed to confirm that there was little in the two published volumes about Australia. This began with a little reading about Hollis – thanks to curiosity piqued right here.

    January 2, 2017
  14. Robert Nowak #

    “One of the great mysteries of the two fat volumes on the Mitrokhin archive that Christopher Andrew authored between 1992 and 2005 is that they tell us next to nothing about KGB (to say nothing of GRU) operations in Australia. Nor has any other account about those operations surfaced, whether based on the Mitrokhin archive or any other archival sources. To the best of my knowledge, in the case of the Mitrokhin documents this is because the files on Australia were suppressed in 1992 at the request of the Keating government, and have never been released for scholarly or journalistic analysis. This speaks to a self-protectiveness on the part of the Australian Labor Party and ASIO which is every bit as dubious as that in Britain.”

    This is from quadrant but seems reasonable:

    January 2, 2017
  15. Robert Nowak #

    The above article from 2014 suggests a later release of info relating to Australia. The original 2 volumes of Mitrokhin, the second published in 2010, were edited by one Christopher Andrew who also wrote the official history of MI5 which notably pilloried Chapman Pincher and Peter Wright, whilst whitewashing Hollis.

    January 2, 2017
  16. Thanks for the reading material, Rob, appreciated.

    January 3, 2017

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