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glycosides and cigarettes revisited

Convulsions, vomiting, confusion, disorientisation, blurry vision, delirium, headache and confusion. Not to mention altered mental status, weakness, drowsiness, hallucinations, photophobia, blurry vision, scotomas and decreased visual acuity.
Plus colour vision aberrations.

This is what happens when you scoff a fatal dose of glycoside poison, things get very nasty quickly.

I quote Sir Cedric Stanton Hicks on buying a glycoside for the purposes of suicide.

“(it) would imply intelligence and shrewd observation, but not necessarily a knowledge of the way in which it would cause death because that might have been very unpleasant.

Despite this probable gruesome and violent death we are led to believe his half-smoked cigarette still remained tucked under his cheek until it was found the next morning, not forgetting there were no scorch marks visible on his clothing.


(1) He was carried along the beach to the steps late on the evening of November 30th, already dead.

(2) The cigarette was planted.


Bank on it.

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  1. ellen #

    Roger Hollis once worked for a tobacco company in Shanghai, which was the stomping ground of the Marshall family. The Marshall family was very close to the Rothschilds, even naming one of their children after them. Roger was one of Victor Rothschild’s apostles.
    SM’s corpse was staged to send a message.
    My first impression was that Jessica had something to do with George Marshall’s death, which also involved a Rubaiyat and whose inquest took place around the time of her meeting with Boxall to give him the stanza 70 Rubaiyat.
    Might Roger Hollis be Roland Francis?
    The glucoside, if that was the poison, was important because it was remarkably fast acting. The killers wanted something fast. Evidently this was put into a pasty.

    November 10, 2016
  2. Ellen – “Reggie” Rothchild was brother to George but he is impossible to trace other than the fact that he existed. Do you have information on him? If so, could you share?

    November 11, 2016
  3. ellen #

    I have no information on him.

    November 12, 2016
  4. The importance of the cigarettes seems pretty tenuous to me.

    Even if we ask ‘how was it that the cigarettes in the package were identified as Kensitas?’ (despite most products in the heavily marketed world of 1940’s tobacco industry being quite brand conscious – especially in the higher end) and then subsequently cast doubt on any conclusion other than that they were NOT Army Clubs in the Army Club packet, to leave open the possibility that they could have originated from ANY entity with a rolling machine – so what?

    Secondly (although I do think the above thought addressed more than one issue), IF the suspected cause of death (as poisoning) was something which could be validated rather than a convenient catch-all for a ‘mysterious’ death which is in want of an explanation, how do you reckon upon cigarettes as a delivery method for the poison (or toxin)? That is rhetorical – I don’t ask of you to propose any substantiation (though you may do with your time on earth as you wish) – the leaf tobacco inside would provide plenty of surface area, but we are then faced with at least two more ‘simple questions’ in a mental goose-chase which is rapidly unfolding in the shape of a labyrinth of seemingly exponential dead ends and plausible routes.. ..1) what possible toxins can we come up with which would be expedient enough when inhaled to give weight to the cigarette delivery method, and 2) yet not be destroyed by the heat of the smoke upon which they would need be carried.. ..and at this time we should realise, this deep in the maze, that our minds have become apparently lost.

    I think that we are simply grasping at tobacco filled straws.

    And therein represented is the forest which those absorbed by the mystery of the Somerton Man cannot see for the trees of minute facts and fancies which tender as a worthwhile pursuit but really represent eroticism for the ego, and excitement for minds owed greater than the excrement of all of our existence that constitutes 9 hours of needless toil for materialistic ends, and the slavitude to that existence fated, which makes the balance of every day.

    I will allow it, but know this: We are all just grasping to create with the imagination a story for the question which inspired it to answer, and in that we can never get any closer than we ever begun forever separated by one key thing – divide between fact and fiction – which has kept us so far away for so long. Representation is not at all the same as derivation. Whether they a facsimile of the truth or not (and it is not known at this time), it is purely coincidence, and not a derivation of reality – the sole place we should be looking for ‘facts’.

    Whether or not connexions are only stumbled across rather than searched for is something I feel you may debate, and so I offer a thought for your active mind before the argument:
    Once we meander into the land of imagination we can only remain there, even at our best estimate of a faithful construct, the world exists within what I would call falsehoods (you may prefer to settle for the term ‘conjecture’). The fact is none of this matters. Our existence as individuals is trivial, our impact as telling of wasted potential as it is lasting, we are always toiling but for what? We don’t even know and those of us who ask are surely asking the wrong questions if of anything not primal they are constructed of the very mind which allows us the imagination not afforded to less corruptible creatures.

    With that in mind, the importance of the cigarettes seems pretty tenuous to me.

    February 1, 2017
    • Thanks Joey, remarkable stuff. This type of analysis certainly makes everything clear and I feel a new path may be opened to me in my, until now, useless endeavours at uncovering a truth that, as you say, exists in a world of falsehoods.
      And having unpacked and re-packed a few cigarettes in my own worthless lifetime, I can happily attest that the addition of certain substances can make the world of difference.

      February 1, 2017
  5. The significance of the Kensistas cigarettes within the Army Club packet relates to a habit found amongst service personnel of keeping a cheap smoke and a better quality smoke in the one packet and handing out only the cheap smokes to others whilst keeping the better ones for themselves. So, that being the case then our man was more than likely to have had a service background. A ‘thin’ but possibly important piece of information.

    February 1, 2017
    • GC .. Where did you gain that info? Sounds like the Qld RSL might have a few old soldier’s sons at the bar.

      February 1, 2017
  6. On the money Digger!

    February 1, 2017

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