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why would they leave the tickets in his pocket?

A man would expect a covert assassination to be well thought out, especially if the decision had been made to strip the victim of all identification before leaving it on a public beach eleven kilometres from the nearest city.

But the assassins left two travel tickets in his pocket. Both leading back to the city and the train station. Now, the only way this accident of technique happens is when it was meant to happen. No slit-eyed killer is going to leave anything on his victim that might lead the local coppers in the right direction, this is gospel.

The assassins had his luggage ticket.

The accident of technique led to where the gold used to be, inside a suitcase left in the train station luggage office. The assassins had taken it away wrapped up in the victims’ spare socks.

Job done, gospel re-written and everyone gets a pat on the back at the office, meanwhile we’re still going around in circles.

The Bookmaker from Rabaul. It will straighten everything out.

December 1.










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  1. ellen #

    Someone was sending a message.

    October 4, 2016
  2. The message was in his pocket. Why did they leave a trail that led back to the station and the suitcase?

    October 4, 2016

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