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detective len brown and how it’s all turning out

Len Brown struck me as the sort of bloke who didn’t mind a drink, as a matter of fact it’s known to be hard for a man in his profession to do the job properly without a few jars at the end of the day. This is gospel. Take it from a man who remembered the Sydney Licensing Squad by their first names.

But Len stuffed us up a couple of ways: he reckoned there were a couple of phone numbers written on the back of the Rubaiyat, and a journalist interviewing him had notes that said one of them belonged to Boxall. This wasn’t helpful, all the bloodhounds went barrelling down the wrong track. Len’s problem was he had about three hundred new cases a week to deal with and everybody on higher rank yapping at him for a result.

For sixty-eight years all we’ve had are unfounded propositions, badly researched speculation, wild guesses and bone-headed assumptions – that’s why I’ve deleted about 200 posts, they were all my ideas.

But this is new, and the dogs are pulling like crazy.

How do you fit the following into the Boxall / Jessica / Rubaiyat / code / body on the beach scenario?


Which one?

SM was banished as an undesirable from the UK because of his communist leanings,

then interned in Australia where he became familiar with the art of micrology,

and used it as a means of covert communication when released.

  • and there’s every chance of sniffing  out more.



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  1. T #

    Not sure it this has surfaced before but as of the 7 October 1948 Len Brown was promoted “recently” to Detective.|||l-decade=194

    January 12, 2017
  2. Thanks T, I didn’t know his detective rank was awarded so close to the 30th.
    Any idea who was before the Adelaide beak for stealing cars in Adelaide about that time?
    … or Renmark?

    January 12, 2017
  3. Apart from the fact that Len had only recently been promoted, I don’t think either Len or Leane (haha) were formally assigned to the case until at least a couple of months after SM was found. (Which makes Leane’s comment about the syringe particularly cringe-worthy).

    January 13, 2017

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