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the good, the bad, the ugly ….

‘A case that is almost 68 years old and is of limited interest to the general public.’*

That’s a fair comment.

To find where this limited interest is we have to look back over the past 18 months to see where it’s surfaced. It’s only a small pond.

Meet Scott Philbrook.


Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess put together a series of podcasts they called ‘Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery.’ They interviewed Professor Derek Abbott among others.

A very smooth operation, well attended, these blokes have silver tongues.

A lengthy article by Graeme Wood: his interview with the Professor and the Professor’s intertwined family. Abbott observed in one answer that the last investigating detective, Gerry Feltus, hates his guts. 

Meet Gerry Feltus.**










See those hands, they’ve been around thicker necks than a forty-year old Coolamon tree. GF has collared some brutes in his time and has a collection of requests for information on the Somerton Mystery so large he houses them in an old container in his back yard. He is known to communicate to outsiders from time to time, including this fellow.

Meet Nick Pelling.










Six months ago, Nick Pelling was very close to posting his Somerton Man research but lost interest because of a personal problem that remains unresolved. Pelling’s work on the Somerton Man case has taken years of his time, unfortunately without success. He regularly comments on the progress others are making and some, like Gordon Cramer, thank him the little for it.

Meet Gordon Cramer.









Gordon Cramer is assiduous, and his research into the Somerton Mystery is showing the results of his years of patient digging. Lately, he has been assisted by ‘Clive’, who has unearthed a nugget of the purest gold. Years ago Gordon was associated with Professor Abbott’s Facebook site, a fertile learning ground.

Meet Professor Derek Abbott.










Professor Abbott and his team of engineering students have made available the largest collection of well-researched facts available on the internet. Abbott has had two applications to exhume the body of the Somerton Man refused by the South Australian Government. He persists.

*bumpkin, cipher mysteries

** author of The Unknown Man

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  1. “A personal problem that persists” – are you trying to insinuate I have herpes?

    September 30, 2016
  2. Ah, you misheard: it’s a *hairpiece*. I just don’t like to frighten the horses by wearing it.

    October 4, 2016

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