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part 1 – the somerton movie deal

It happens. Someone says that someone else is writing about the Somerton Man and before you know it the email rings from a movie agent in Sydney, an American, and he wants to come up to cow country and spin a deal with the writer.

That’s me.

He’s a fat little man in a sharp suit and snappy straw hat. His driver waits in the car, windows closed, aircon on full bore, radio playing Uptown Funk. He’s lighting a raggedy looking cigarette.

He looks over at me and waves,

.. then blows the smoke out.

That’s Looseleaf, he’s a local lad.

The fat man is George. We meet at the door, shake hands and go sit out on the deck, the Border Ranges blue in the distance. A dead cow just over the fence, ripped up by the dogs, it’s been there for six days and nobody wants a nor-easter to bring the stink into the house..

George asks.

‘So who’s the dead guy at the end of the book?’

‘The bloke they were all chasing.’

George takes notes.

‘Who was they?’


George looks at me, ‘you guys are real smartarses, you know that?’

‘FBI, CIS, NKGB, Mi5.’

‘Sure you didn’t forget anyone?’

The kookaburra laughs.

‘Who’s the babe?’

‘A nurse.’

George adds more notes. Mutters to himself.

‘We’ll need cleavage and hair colour, high heels.’

‘This other guy, Boxballs, where does he fit?’

‘Boxhall, in it up to his nose, couldn’t lie straight in bed.’

‘Ladies’ man?’

That gets a laugh. Alf’s nickname was the Wombat.

‘Who else gets top billing?’

‘A Russian, a Yank, couple of poms and a blonde.’

George’s face lights up.

‘Who’s she.’


‘Love it,’ says George, writing hard. ‘Her and the Wombat, did they ever ..?’

‘Nah, mate, there’s no sex in this book, it’s a work of literature.’


December 1 on Amazon. Could be a goer.


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  1. Robert Nowak #

    Gee Pete, literature? No sex? Sheesh! Sex sells! So do recipes! No sex, no recipes, no mention of the CWA? Has the world changed that much since I went to bed last night?

    September 25, 2016
  2. All the best with that Pete! Good work!

    September 25, 2016
  3. Clive #

    Rifle toting Prosper, walking down Moseley Street with his moll, Jessie by his side? The book is bound to be better, a lot better, than that.

    September 25, 2016
    • Nightclubs, Clive, and dope dens, places of extremely ill repute. George wants it all.

      September 25, 2016
  4. Clive/Gordon – Your man “disappears” after 1947 because he drops the Karl and goes by “Alfred Peter Schmitz”. He appears in several electoral rolls between 1963-1972 living with his mother Anna Barbara Schmitz. They are both buried together in Springvale Botanical Cemetery (Victoria). His death certificate lists his birthdate at “act 1914” and his death registration in 1977 with his mother as “unknown Barbara Anne” and his father as “Carl”. His mother’s immigration to Australia is also documented and she travelled there on 24 May 1949 as Barbara Anna Josepha Schmitz.

    I don’t think he’s our man.

    September 26, 2016
  5. Gordon – Thanks. Bring on the other two!

    September 26, 2016
    • You would be more than welcome to take part in the research Misca. The next one up is a violin playing engineer and this time we have a photograph and a DOB which hopefully is more accurate than the last one 🙂

      September 26, 2016
  6. Clive #

    “Nightclubs, places of extremely ill repute”, well, Glenelg is the place to be!

    September 26, 2016
  7. Gordon – “microprinting” on currency design is a very important element found on most paper money throughout the world. It’s a basic element used to deter counterfeiting and it makes for fascinating research…But not a secret and any designer worth his salt knows/knew about it.

    September 26, 2016
    • Anybody hide anything in there, Misca, messages?

      September 26, 2016
    • Yes, it is no secret, that’s precisely what I have been trying to say for some years now, I am so glad that you can see it and agree with me.

      Your US $100 bill, for example, was covered in a post some time ago here:

      Handwritten micro-writing was covered here when I discussed a 17th Century example of micro handwritten art from an illustrator of one of Oliver Goldsmith’s novels:

      So no, it’s not a secret.

      But what is very different is that the Hay banknotes were crafted by hand, woodblock and zinc plate cut and tooled by hand including the micro-writing components with some being actually handwritten on to individual notes. Did you know for example that each serial number of the Hay banknotes was actually the number of an individual internee? Custom made currency 🙂

      There were no machines as there were and are for creating intricate designs such as Mr. Peter’s Micro writing machine, a banker no less:

      If you examine different Hay banknotes, you will see how some were modified after printing with tiny handwriting. (Tiny handwriting, that’s a phrase that should ring a bell for you, it’s the same words used by Detective Brown when he told Professor Abbott that the phone numbers were written on the book in ‘tiny handwriting’ and I think I know just where but it needs more work as usual.)

      Most importantly, each of these Hay banknotes were hand signed and you will see evidence of micro handwritten numbers within the letters of those handwritten signatures. That is precisely what happened in the now famous Verse 70 from Jestyn to Alf, micro written letters and numbers inside cursive writing and inside the number 70 written by Alf. And it is the same technique that has been used within the ‘code’ on the Somerton Man ‘code page’.

      It is recorded as being used as a clandestine communication method for hundreds of years, it was used by the the Phoenicians and found in cuneiform clay tablets thousands of years ago and it certainly figures in a CIA and SOE manuals.

      It is just so very clever it is hidden in plain sight and people that used it have kept the Somerton Man case researchers, myself included, confounded by the code page until now. It’s just no secret.

      This tiny handwriting connects Hay, the internees, Jestyn, Alf Boxall and the Somerton Man and it appears that we even have a code involved in the case of Tibor Kaldor, in this case an acrostic code, that spelled out ‘DANNETA’ in the first paragraph, or os that just a coincidence?

      I seriously appreciate your input and your thoughts. Have a Great Day!

      September 26, 2016

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