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two bodies

This post is a selected data dump. Nothing has been made up, nothing can’t be verified. No conclusions have been made, no inferences drawn. The page numbers refer to GF’s book: The Unknown Man.

The post will be updated from time to time

1 December 1948 – a body is found on Somerton Beach.

2 December – Sutherland finishes assisting Dwyer with the autopsy. (p41)

Dwyer looked to see if the man had been vaccinated and found only a slight scar on his upper left arm, he also sighted the two abrasions between the knuckles and the back of the right hand. (p93)

3 December – Knight ID’s body, Durham takes pics for police identification purposes, two are released to the press, one full face and one profile (p42) **

Durham produced four photographs at the coronial inquest: C5 C6 C7 and C8, all were taken on the 3rd of December. Only C7 and C8 were returned to him. (p25 inquest papers) **

5 December – Body viewed by Dittmar, thinking it was McLean, who had a baling hook scar from his elbow to upper arm that had healed without any stitching. ‘ I looked at a scar under the left arm of the deceased, it looks like an old scar.’ (p46)

10 December – “On the 10th of December the scars on the body were described*: three small scars inside left wrist; one scar inside left elbow, curved about 1″ (2;5cm) long; and  one scar or boil mark 1/2″ (1.25cm) in length, upper left forearm.” (p54)

*Feltus does not disclose where his information came from. See end note.

15 December – Tibor Kaldor found dead in Adelaide hotel room, he leaves a suicide note. (see pic)

15 December – Kaldor joins SM at the morgue, his two suitcases are taken into custody by the police

16 December – Dr Dwyer completes Kaldor’s post mortem examination. He stated that Kaldor was a well built man …. (information from Gordon Cramer)

17 December – PC Sutherland completes Kaldor’s SA Police Report, giving his Victorian address.

7 January 1949 – Canney interviews a man from Largs Bay after he viewed the body with Horsnell. The man from Largs bay ‘could not remember him (the man he once knew and thought was SM) as having a scar on the ear.’ (p59) **

8 January – Leane takes charge of investigation, assisted by Gollan, Sutherland and Horsnell. (p60)

10 January – Elliott commences embalming SM, assisted by Sutherland. (p53)

11 January – Brown joins the team. (p61)

14 January – Leane is shown the suitcase. (p**)

19 January – Leane takes the suitcase into custody and provides a ‘very’ comprehensive report to all interstate police and media. (p60, 62)

19 January – SM’s suitcase joins Kaldors in police custody.

25 February – Kaldor is buried.

19 April – Cleland informs Leane he has found a small piece of paper in the fob pocket of the deceased’s trousers, bearing the words Tamam Shud. (p79)

8 June – Lawson talks to police and is phoned by Durham before splitting the cast away from SM’s head and shoulders and commencing on the ears, they talk of an ‘original body.’ (Lawson’s notes, see pic)

. ___________________________________________ .

*Some months after Elliott embalmed SM, a newspaper published a lengthy article about his groundbreaking work and included Sutherland’s account of finding three small scars on the body: three on one wrist, a scar near the left elbow and another on the left upper forearm(p54)



I was concerned about the chances of both men having a scar on their inner left arm until I looked at my own. I have one about an inch long, faded over the years.


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