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some light relief

Excerpts from another place far away,

.. from where we can quote the following commentaries.

‘Apparently mr defective with the nealopitan police farce is holding onto a vig announcement about two bodies, one name, some feint (sic) spray tan (with microwriting)’

Johnny johnny – Aug 19 – Cipher Mysteries. oops

‘Johnny johnny: please try not to gag on the excitement, I wouldn’t like the Somerton Man death toll to rise any higher than 1.’

Pelling – August 19 – Cipher Mysteries. oops

‘Microwriting is a bust.’

Pelling – August 19 – Cipher Mysteries. oops

‘I’m on the skeptical side here with Johnny and nick (and probably share Johnny’s attitude a lot) too. Aside from the micro-writing – which seemed unlikely to begin with (why put microwriting inside what appears to be a code when you can put it in far more mundane places), and only got less believable as it started to get discovered everywhere (noting of course that this microwriting is still illegible too),’

milongal – August 22 – Cipher Mysteries oops

‘His current investigation is interesting to a degree, however I think most of his parallels between SM and Tibor Kaldor can be quite easily dismissed.’

milongal, again – Cipher Mysteries. oops, again

‘For myself, I suspect that we’re much closer to the answer than we’ve ever been, despite the ridiculous amount of distracting noise that the Internet presents.’

Pelling – yesterday – Cipher Mysteries,

.. thanks to Clive (the eagle) and GC.

It should be noted that no distracting amount of ridiculous noise has issued from Cipher Mysteries for quite some time and for this small mercy we are extremely thankful.


The  pic is from the Michael and Judy Steinhardt Judaica Collection, it is an Omer Calendar by Dov Margolioth and dated 1830. This item was sold for $185000 USD.

Micrography, the scribal practice of employing minuscule script to create abstract shapes or figurative designs, is an art form that has been used by Jews for over a millennium.

Many thanks to Gordon Cramer.

.. and good morning, I have to shoot a couple of wild dogs trapped in the gully below my property overnight and need to find a bag for their bodies.


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