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where do we stand?

Where do we stand knowing that a body with five scars was embalmed when the Somerton Man had only one?

And where do we stand with Paul Lawson’s note of an ‘original’ body?

Constable Moss delivered the body with one scar to the mortuary on 1 December where it was stripped and placed on a steel sliding stretcher. A cardboard label endorsed with details from the mortuary’s Registration Book was tied to its big toe. The body’s Registration Number was then written on one of its upper arms in indelible ink.

Feltus isn’t known for his humour, at least in print, but he can slip in a jest here and there. Page 4o.

‘The (indelible) pencil lead had to be moistened before it could write and adhere properly: there is no evidence that Moss made the common mistake of licking it to provide the moisture.’

What he’s saying is that nobody saw Moss with a purple tongue, so maybe he forgot.

Two men lying side by side in a refrigeration cabinet in the morgue, both toe-tagged, both marked on an upper arm with their registration number. One had one scar, the other five.

A Coroner’s Court Constable equally as observant as a Legally Qualified Medical Practitioner.


Where do you stand on this, reader?

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  1. Mr. Lawson’s words were interesting, the Police showed him a body and he made a bust of that body. Hmm. Which body?

    September 7, 2016

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