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get your eyes tested here – updated

Pareidolia (/pærᵻˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.


We’re here

Thousands of soldiers dressed in First World War uniforms appeared in towns and cities across the UK today (1 July 2016) as part of a public memorial on an unprecedented scale. The project marked the centenary of the Battle of the Somme,

because we’re here

one shilling

This song is sung to the tune of Robbie Burn’s Auld Lang Syne in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme.

because we’re here, because we’re here.


We’re here

because we’re here because we’re here because we’re here because we’re here.


The notes were designed by German internee and artist George Teltscher and were made and used at No. 7 Internment Camp at Hay in central New South Wales. The 25 sheep represent the camp’s 25 huts. Camp leader W. Eppenstein’s name is written within the fleece of the sheep on the shield, and the names of the hut leaders on the other sheep.* The barbed wire design around the edge reads, “we are here because we are here because we are here”.

*My italics – Teltscher’s tiny writing.

Teltscher was an industrial arts designer. He was five foot eight.


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  1. Whereas ‘REVERSE HALLUCINATION’ is not seeing things that are there Hmmm. 🙂

    September 2, 2016
    • you have to an introvert to have the condition don’t you?

      September 2, 2016
  2. Robert Nowak #

    Glad you brought up Wally, Pete. The similarity between Wally and Harry Potter is not coincidental, but familial. I am sorry to have to break this to you, Pete, but that’s why Wally is always missing. He’s avoiding child maintenance payments.

    September 2, 2016
  3. Pete, No I don’t think so, I think that it’s pseudo-intellectuals suffer the most? Stand to be corrected of course. What was the name of that ship again?

    September 2, 2016
  4. Titanic, it went down.

    September 2, 2016

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