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clive and cramer’s trumpet

I’m going to blow it like Louis Armstrong.

Up until a couple of weeks ago all we had was Gordons’ Q and T:

these babies.

I was told that when Gerry Feltus was shown the Q image his response was, ‘I know what I’m seeing but have no explanation for it.’ And after being shown the same image another voice was heard saying, ‘I know what I’m seeing but I don’t see anything.’

That’s all we had, the only new thing found in nearly 70 years of searching and it was hotly disputed, ridiculed in some quarters, matters and egos became very tense and remain so. But we’re an objective crew here and thought it about time to give an update on Gordon’s progress as published on his site –

Here are the markers on Gordon’s route, Clive on Point.

(1) The code on the back of the Rubaiyat? See Q and T.

(2) The well-kept brown shoes? Made by a boot maker in-house at an internee camp.

(3) The number written on the shoes? The building and bed number of the boot maker’s client.

(4) The (Keane) laundry bag? All internees needed marked bags for their laundry.

(5) The 3 laundry marks? The camps had their own laundries, their own marking systems.

(6) The tools? Used by internees for making prints from hand carved woodblocks, cutting leather for shoes, making stencils in the camp’s art classes or for marking laundry bags.

(7) The Barbour thread card? Could be purchased by internees from the camp shop for the repair of their clothing.

(8) Missing teeth? Thrown overboard by the crew of SS Dunera.

(9) The near new brown suitcase? A typical luggage item carried by refugees and internees sailing to Australia on the Dunera.

(10) The white tie and singlet marked Keane? Taken from a used clothing source in the camp together with the unclaimed laundry bag they came in.

(11) The Tamam Shud slip?  …. let’s pretend.

Tibor Kaldor was an internee: a communist sympathiser banished from the UK he may have had dire premonitions about the consequences of the weapons being researched in Australia. A noble cause in the light of the instantaneous slaughter caused by the American bombs dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman, it was said long after his death, initially had no Presidential Authority to either stop the production of bombs or alter their pre-planned destinations.

Tibor had all his bags, he was in Adelaide for more than a couple of weeks.

SM had one bag, enough for a couple of weeks.

Both came to Adelaide.

SM had the slip. He died first.

Tibor followed two weeks later.

From here we can leap to a fictional conclusion.

The police found the Rubaiyat in Tibor’s suitcase some time after his death. They fitted the slip into the tear


they reported their findings to a higher authority,


released the book back to the police after the inquest, after dealing with both the back cover and the five-line code.

Some researchers think the back cover was missing when the Rubaiyat was handed to DS Leane, and its stead he was given a treated photo which effectively hid Tibor’s sub-surface, micro-coded message for SM.



Until Gordon came along. 


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