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6: It’s quite a melodramatic thesis, isn’t it?


Alias: T (Tom?) Keane.

Nationality: Unknown. Caucasian.

Age: mid forties.

Medium height, square-shouldered, pronounced calves. Smoker.


Australian intelligence recruit, Alf Boxall, had been placed in contact with a foreign intelligence agent while serving at the George’s Head Water Base, this foreign agent was located by Allied Intelligence in November 1948 while  working under the alias T Kean(e).

Alf Boxall and RNS nurse Jessica Harkness shared a close relationship, evidenced by her gift to him in the Clifton Gardens Hotel of an inscribed Rubaiyat.

The foreign agent also had a close relationship with Jessica Harkness, which ceased when she left Sydney for Melbourne, pregnant.

The foreign agent has come to Adelaide to find Jessica, suspecting her son Robin to be his. He has brought a copy of the Rubaiyat with him, one that he used in his exchanges with Boxall.

The foreign agent obtained Jessica’s phone number from Alf Boxall, together with the news of her little boy

The foreign agent is found dead: poisoned by an identified substance. Wallet and ID missing. A piece of his own Rubaiyat torn from the book and tucked deep into his fob pocket.

 .. signifying the end.

The Rubaiyat was found to have a code imprinted on the back cover as well as Jessica’s Moseley Street phone number.

Jessica’s reaction when she sees his bust confounds the police.

The choice of one villain.

1 point: MI5.

1 point: FBI.

We have collected certain items from his body and suitcase and laid them out for inspection. These have told some of us what he was. Who he was is another matter.

The objective is to see how many points your grifter, car thief, lover, prospector, agent, seaman or mystery man accumulates. How many connections can be made.

We score (in red) – He was a terminated foreign agent.

1 point: pair of scissors bound with sticking plaster. He was travelling as a ship’s officer / or working as a prospector. These were his tools.

1 point: one cut-down knife bound in sticking plaster. His tools.

1 point: one small zinc sheath used to cover scissors and knife. ^ Ditto.

1 point: one particle / stencil brush. ^ Ditto.

1 point: the unidentified black powder shaken from stencil brush. Ink powder / mineral dust.

1 point: the Kean(e) nametags. His last working alias, left visible for his employer to see.

1 point: one small screwdiver.  Tools

1 point: several pencils, including 3 almost full-length X Royal Sovereign H type. Writing micro-code requires a dependable supply of writing equipment. The code indentations on the back of the Francis Rubaiyat were believed to have been made by pencil.

1 point: the Francis Rubaiyat. The book he used in his trade. Handed to the police a month after the inquest. The code indentations became visible under ultra-violet light.

GC's Q

1 point: the Tamam Shud slip. Torn from his book, found in his fob pocket, signifying the end.

1 point: the micro-code found in the letters T and Q. Evidence of his trade.

1 point: his highly developed calves. Evidence of his exercise and walking routines, the ones he used to compensate for his mal-formed feet.

1 point: his exposure to radiation. Ship’s cargo hazard / radioactive materials.

1 point: Prosper Thomson. He never divulged where Jessica was on the night of November 30th 1948.

1 point: Jessica. She bore the foreign agent’s child.

1 point: Jessica’s son, Robin. The foreign agent’s son, conceived in October 1946.

1 point: Alf Boxall. Recruited by Australian Intelligence while working at the George’s Head Water Base. Put into contact with the foreign agent by Allied intelligence.

1 point: Boxall’s Rubaiyat – Given to him by Jessica at the Clifton Gardens Hotel, the inscription evidence of their close relationship.

1 point: the suitcase and contents. Left in situ after being relieved of anything of intelligence value.

1 point: the 7 Kensitas cigarettes in his Army Club pack. His covert identification signal for the man he was meeting.

1 point: the graze between the knuckles of his right hand. He resisted.

1 point: an untraceable poison. Method of termination.

1 point: the two travel tickets found in his trouser pocket. Planted the day they took him.

1 point: it was suicide. The men who killed him intended it to look that way.



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