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The train ticket

The 7d second-class, one-way railway ticket found on the body – number 091172 – was purchased at Adelaide Train Station from ticketing clerk Douglas George Townsend on the morning of Tuesday 30 November 1948, his first ticket of the day for the 10:50am train to Henley Beach, about 11 kilometres north of Somerton Beach and about the same distance from Adelaide Railway Station. The railway’s ticketing records showed that Townsend sold only two more tickets for the 10.50am train before it left the station. The train tickets were not time-stamped and he was the only railway employee issuing them on that day. The 10:50am train ran on time and the ticket of every passenger who got on board was punched at the barrier. The ticket found on the body had not been punched.

The bus ticket

The bus ticket found on the body – number C 88708 – was sold by Municipal Tramways Trust (MTT) conductor Arthur Anzac Holderness on 30 November 1948 to a passenger who boarded the 11:15am bus at a bus stop between Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace and the intersection of West Terrace and South Terrace. The bus was scheduled to terminate at Saint Leonards, a beachside suburb eleven kilometres from Adelaide Railway Station and four and a half kilometres north of Somerton Beach. Tickets issued during this part of the journey cost 7d; after South Terrace, 6d tickets were issued to boarding passengers. Holderness’s daily ticket log for 30 November showed that nine 7d tickets were sold on that scheduled journey and ticket number C 88708 was the sixth.

It was established at the inquest that facilities were not available at Adelaide Train Station for arrivals from the country on the 30th who wanted to bathe. Harold Rolfe North, the senior cloakroom porter stated at the inquest “He would have to go to an hotel or to the City Baths.”

The police later conjectured that the man missed his train after taking too long to wash and shave, and after lodging his suitcase he left the station for the city and took the bus.

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