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Was he lured to Adelaide by the agency that once employed the nurse.

Or did he arrive with the intention to take his child from her?

Did his sudden appearance surprise her?

Or had she betrayed him?

Who took him?

Prosper, with assistance?

The agency that lured him?

We know how he died.

We know he died lying flat.

We know he was carried to the steps.

Was he carried from Moseley Street?

90 moseley


Was Prosper taking glycoside?

Was there a bottle in the bathroom cabinet?

Is that what they used?


‘Detective Leane brought Mrs Thompson (Jessica) into my lab.’

‘Detective Leane stood over there (gesture) and the other two detectives over there (gesture).’

‘I took the covering off the bust cast, stood back, and Jessica took one look at that bust and then looked down, and she didn’t look up at that (gesture) again, for the whole of the interview.’

‘Detective Leane was asking her questions, but they (the answers) were all no, no. Everything was no.’

Was the Rubaiyat hers?

featured pic: metal art by popsweld

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