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The kicker

PJ followed me from the noodle bar to the street. The 10,000 HK$  shrinking with every step. Now it was 2,000.

The weather was hard, almost to typhoon alert and PJ didn’t have an umbrella. I knew he didn’t like getting his hair wet and crossed over to Admiralty against the lights, PJ calling to me through the storm.

‘I have more, look!’

He was stranded in the middle of the road being abused by bus and taxi drivers, hair plastered to his head, feet almost submerged in the torrent. PJ was waving something.

I waited for him and we walked to the Star ferry terminal, bought two tickets to Kowloon Town and sat with the labourers on the bottom deck.

‘What have you got?’


‘For what?’

‘Letters, I have many.’

‘How many?’

‘Over fifty, but now they are wet and stuck together from the rain. ¬†Important letters, they hold a very great number of Somerton Secrets.’

‘How much?’


I laughed.


I gave PJ an Auckland address and told him he  might have better luck with them.

He looked a forlorn sight holding his bundle of wet letters as I walked from the terminal to the Peninsula Hotel. Golden stuffed crab was on the luncheon menu today and Vanessa was waiting.

Vanessa is a dancer on the Pisces, she knows her way around the darker side of Hong Kong and likes to wear her diamonds in places you wouldn’t expect.


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  1. Dave .. with respect to your most recent post on Cipher Mysteries, you don’t need my help to look like an idiot .. with you it comes naturally.
    Go ahead, sue me.

    June 14, 2016

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