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ways of looking at things.

Lawn mowed.

Chooks fed.

Pool cleaned.

Dinner decided.

It’s Sunday afternoon.

What’s next?


There is nothing new about these five lines, everything has been covered.

The PANETP (below) for instance.

____________The top layer________________

panet p

The last time I remember this image being discussed it was generally agreed that what was originally found on the back cover Francis Rubaiyat had been finally overwritten by something dark and wet. A biro? They were around, had been since 1888. That’s what we’re looking at. The top layer.

____________The bottom layer________________

Gordon Cramer has a mortgage on the bottom layer because nobody can argue his letter Q.

Gordon Cramer's Q

____________The middle layer________________


It’s a picture of what the police saw after they rubbed a lead pencil against Gordon’s layer, but I don’t think I’ll ever see one.

 GF page 172

“Some sources have suggested that there were indents on the rear of the Rubaiyat and were possibly caused when the book was used as a support to write on another piece of paper. The letters were exposed when police rubbed a lead pencil across the indents.

The information is hearsay and cannot be confirmed.”

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