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where does a man pack his spare underwear?

Rob Nowak asked: how do you know that?

.. after I stated: no man ever forgets that he’s carrying a pair of (soiled?) jockeys in his coat pocket

This is Rob’s story

.. and that’s Rob’s pic < over  there. Got him slotted?

Picture Rob getting off the 9:15am – he’s new in town and all he knows is that the babe who wrote him – she got his address off someone – was a babe worth sitting up all night in train.

Rob’s problem is, if he gets to stay the night he’s not going to want to show up after light’s out in the pyjama outfit he carries in his suitcase.

Slippers? Dressing gown?

Nosir. Did you read what Kerry Greenwood wrote about them?


But you see Rob is built like a brick shithouse, the guy is prime wedge.  He can walk around nude anytime he likes. But after dinner and a shower and just before lights out Rob is going to want something clean to wear to bed. He’s been sporting the same clobber for 24 hours and Rob doesn’t want to blow a good shower by putting them back on.

That’s why Rob carries a clean set of underdaks around everytime he scores a date.

you know it makes sense





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  1. Robert Nowak #

    Ah Pete, yes, fresh undies in fob pocket (hi tech fabric), toothbrush in blatant shoulder holster, splash of Brutal (the Polish version of Brut aftershave) (true) and ready to jive. As for Kerry Greenwood: no, didn’t that but did read other stuff briefly, and I noticed she has at least one colour on every page – colours like puce, heliotrope and hot canary…Ghastly indeed! The Victorian Government ought to issue an intervention order to prevent her approaching writing implements.

    A question Pete. Why do you suppose they were trying the dead man’s clothes on? Did that really happen?

    April 29, 2016
    • It happened.
      Cleland was a thinking man’s thinking man – 7,000 autopsies – some men don’t get to play that many rounds of golf before they get holed in one.
      Cleland would have noted that the body was well built by its clothes. SM had wide shoulders and a tight waist. Cleland had a paunch.
      Cleland reasoned that if both coats fitted him uncomfortably in the same place (he had to suck it in to get the buttons done up), then they both belonged to the same man.

      April 29, 2016
  2. Is there some sort of spook protocol that defines that spies shall not die before midnight. We of course know that SM ‘s demise was much earlier than the 2am estimated by the coroner. If the young couple observed mozzies hovering above at 7.30PM then he had expired prior to that time (Byron correct me if I’m mistaken about the little blood suckers not being able to đô their thing unless blood is circulating). Nevertheless there must have been something of import going on within the inner sanctum that evening whether it had something đô with establishing an alibi for Jo or the night patrol officers or another thing altogether we can only (God I hate this word), speculate. By the way does anyone know if Len Brown is still with us. He was only 20 when he went to RENMARK in 38 so he’d be 98 by now God bless him. Wonder if he ever bumped into poor old Keith Magnusson or his pal Carl Thompson while stationed there. Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if he was the one who saved Keith from horrible fate when he got lost. If that were to have been the case than Keith sure must have felt indebted to Len and Sapol generally.

    May 27, 2016

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