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The problem with the police’s account of what was in his pockets


List of items found on the body according to PC Moss’s deposition

A train ticket

A bus ticket

Seven Kensitas cigarettes in an Army Club packet.

One part packet of juicy Fruit chewing gum.

A metal comb

List of items found with the stranger according to Gerry Feltus

A handkerchief.

A pair of underpants (jockey type).

A singlet.

A train ticket.

A bus ticket.

Seven Kensitas cigarettes in an Army Club packet.

One part packet of juicy Fruit chewing gum.

Two combs.

A box of Bryant and Mays matches (quarter full)

From deposition of Harold Rolfe North, senior cloakroom porter

It was established at the inquest that toilets were not available at Adelaide Train Station for any arrivals from the country on the 28th of November who wanted a bath and a shave. Harold Rolfe North, the senior cloakroom porter on the day, stated at the inquest “He would have to go to an hotel or to the City Baths.”

The unclaimed suitcase

Detective Sergeant Leane  was shown an unclaimed leather suitcase that had been left on a 24-hour ticket, costing 4d, number G 52703, between 11am and noon on 30 November 1948.

The police conjectured that the Somerton Man, unable to shower and shave at the station, left for the city  and the nearest hotel (The Strathmore) or the City Baths where he washed and shaved. However by the time he got back to the station his train had left. He then checked his suitcase with North and left the station to catch a bus to the coast.

The bit that doesn’t make sense.

Although the Somerton Man had his suitcase with him while he bathed and shaved at a city hotel or the City Baths, he chose to put his singlet and his underpants into his pocket and leave them there.

Remembering: no man ever forgets that he’s carrying a pair of (soiled?) jockeys in his coat pocket.


North was not asked if he remembered a man taking some items out of his suitcase as he lodged it on the 30th of November 1948.


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  1. Robert Nowak #

    That last bit, Pete…how do you know that?

    April 28, 2016
  2. The North was not asked bit? – or do you blokes do that sort of thing?

    April 28, 2016

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