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what happened on the night of the 30th?

First we have to establish the essential components into some sort of order, which shouldn’t be difficult because there aren’t many of them. We won’t concern ourselves with the contents of his pockets or the items in his suitcase.

We care little if his name is Keane or Kean, we are not distracted by the many theories that concern themselves with his method of travel, whether it be to Adelaide or to Somerton Beach.

Forget that.

Forget all the work that Derek Abbott and his student crew has laid out for us on the UoA’s website, valuable though it is. We wouldn’t be here without it.

Forget about inter-marriages and mysterious caches of letters, dismiss the trolls and their comical threats, wait patiently for Lucas’ lawyers and his lawsuit, hope that Jacinta gets over her tears, wish the Jackass a speedy and rewarding trip to his therapist, hope that the Cipher Moderator regains control of his site and abandons theorising. Wish GC all the best in his endeavours, hope Scotty and Forrest take a little more care with their research.

We want to talk about these.

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Imagine what the coroners’ findings might have been if the witness who contacted Detective Don O’Doherty in 1959 had done so on the 1st of December 1948.

Imagine what doors the police may have knocked on over the next few days, particularly those homes near to where the body was found. Would they have taken no for an answer then?

What questions do you think they might have asked about the man seen lying by the busy Childrens’ Home steps in the early evening of the 30th. It was a balmy evening and there were many people about.

They might have wondered why wasn’t he reported as being seen before 7Pm?

… and why wasn’t he reported as being seen after 7:30pm?

Then there are the best questions:

Would the Francis Rubaiyat have been found before the inquest?

.. and would the police have been the ones who found it?


The Bookmaker from Rabaul.



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  1. Susyn #

    Dear Harald, You do rabbit on inconsequentially. Why the Bookmaker from Rabaul? What about the Horseman from Hagen?

    April 7, 2016
  2. You keep coming back .. figure that out instead.

    April 7, 2016
  3. Xlamb #

    What else was happening on the 30th., that day or night, to bring SM to Adelaide. Do we only know about the Ballet for that evening? Maybe he met up with others first (the Gleneng socialite set) and already dressed for the night, polished shoes etc. What other regular stuff, events etc. happened on the 30th. For all we know, it could have been his birthday!
    There could be lots of possibilities to explain those missing hours, but this again leads back to more theories to fil the gaps. Had the witness that saw the man being carrying along the beach come forward immediately, Police investigators would have exhausted that lead first. Thus a different, hopefully better outcome for SM. Even in 1959 it wasn’t too late to follow up though.

    How often do Police, the Coroner, the Courts, or Governments (& even doctors) own up when they’ve made mistakes. How often do they make correction. Just look at the Innocents Projects to see how hard advocates battle to get a wrongful conviction examined and overturned even now….and meanwhile the real murderer remains free to kill again.

    April 8, 2016
  4. Trouble is, Xlamb, all the evidence has gone and all the persons involved are dead .. this may be precisely what some people may want – a situation not unlike that of the Beaumont Children where not everything is pursued with equal vigour. Every day we read of corruption in politics, business, law enforcement, churches, charities, newspapers … the powerful and the wealthy have their way.
    We are the ants, they are the lions. We squeak, they roar and the jails are full of ordinary men and women who don’t have the resources to pay the clever ones who can keep them free.

    April 8, 2016
  5. ellen #

    Dr. John Barkley Bennett put the time of death at no earlier than 2 a.m. He was found with an undigested potato pasty in his stomach. I recently watched a forensic files episode and the commentator was describing undigested potato skin placed the last meal of a potato at 4 hours previously. That means SM had his potato latke no earlier than 10 pm on the 30th. Was he at the hotel, at Jessica’s or eating a previously packed takeout? Accounts are somewhat specific for a potato pastie.

    April 9, 2016
  6. Clive #

    Ellen, If 10.00pm was the earliest time of his meal, that would rule out hotels? pubs/? I’m not sure what the closing times were in Adelaide in 1948. But, it would narrow down choices to either Jessie’s place, if so, where was Prosper?, or possible pie cart? I can’t see him eating it cold.

    April 9, 2016
  7. ellen #

    He was dressed with too much class to have requested take out. Could Jessica have been practicing her Jewish latkes for the upcoming holidays? Perhaps she had noticed a drunken gentleman outside the Children’s Home on the previous day and this would be a good place to dispose of her uncle’s body. Prosper and Helmutt were shady characters IMO. It might have been their idea.

    April 10, 2016
  8. Xlamb #

    Pete…While the witnesses may be dead, we don’t know if the man seen carrying the body along the shore line is. We only know that Police never advertised for him, nor sought him out. For investigative purposes he didn’t even exist.

    Ellen…Digestion rates and time of death can vary. Take a look at the Fritz van Beelen case. He was jailed for murdering a teenage girl in 1971 (found on similar stretch of SM beach in South Australia). Part of the prosecutions evidence was based on the digestion rate of a pasty that was conveniently made to fit the time Mr. van Beelan had been seen walking along that same beach. He has always protested his innocence and though he’s served his time in jail, he is currently seeking to have his wrongful conviction examined and overturned.

    You can find his and other wrongful convictions currently under examination on
    Networked Knowledge (run by Dr. Robert N. Moles http// The use of forensics evidence is relatively new and you’ll find some shocking forensic mistakes have been made in the past. Apart from dodgy science sending some innocent people to jail, the real killer remains free to kill again, safe in the knowledge that once someone else is convicted and jailed, no-one’s looking for them. If you click on to “what’s new” on Bob’s site, you’ll see the latest developments.

    April 10, 2016
  9. Xlamb – I don’t think it would change anything if that witness came forward now .. it’s too late. If he had been interviewed in the days after SM was found, and if the Francis Rubaiyat had been handed in at the same time the dynamics of the case would have changed and Jessica Harkness may not have had such an easy time of it.

    April 10, 2016
  10. Ellen – Bennett counted back eight hours after examining the body’s rigor mortis before arriving at his conclusion … rigor mortis may be delayed by as much as 4 hours after death. Bennett didn’t take that into consideration.

    April 10, 2016
  11. Xlamb #

    Not the witness Pete, but the man responsible for carrying ‘a possible’ SM along the foreshore that evening. If he carried SM it makes him complicit in murder or the body placement, thus unlikely to come forward anyway. If however this sighting could be explained as him simply helping a drunk mate home to bed, he could still be helpful, but Police never requested him to come forward to clear that up. Even if he was entirely innocent he was a further source of information to the goings on that night. At some point he left the beach, perhaps via the same stairs and he may have seen SM. Whoever he was and whatever his explanation is, he’s been overlooked and he could still be alive.
    Wasn’t there also something mentioned about a part on the beach that night.

    April 10, 2016
  12. Xlamb #

    Typo correction…should be… “party on the beach”.

    Re-Mistakes…Police & Forensics re- Fritz van Beelan.
    New evidence will also show that the victims radio found with her body and previously said to have been immersed in sea water over night by the high tide, was found to be dry, not corroded and working perfectly. That anomaly was omitted at van Beelan’s trial however. It would seem therefore that the radio was placed there later, after the tide had receded. It’s another Adelaide beach murder where the crime scene may have been manipulated, and where Police & forensics made mistakes that resulted with the real murderer remaining free. Instead, an innocent man was jailed.

    Whoever was responsible for SM death (if murdered) they were never caught, never stopped. South Australia has a number of unsolved murders / missing persons cases currently under review (some are beach connected). At the same time we have many significant wrongful convictions under scrutiny because those in authority made mistakes, but even once realized, they failed to correct them. Jail the innocent, free the perpetrator. Our S.A. Appeals system has been amended in recent years and it’s expected that other Australian States will follow. There’ll be a water shed of errors in forensics / Police / Courts & with all the ‘cockups’ exposed…
    Thus lots of well overdue compensation claims and ‘book opportunities’ to follow.

    April 11, 2016
  13. Clive #

    Xlamb, There seems to be a ‘murder thread’ which weaves in and out of SA police and murders, It just seems cynical to say it’s a typical SA situation but, I can’t help thinking that this type of ‘thing’ happens/happened a lot in SA, whether other states are just as inept I don’t know.

    April 12, 2016
  14. Xlamb #

    Clive…In 1978 our then serving S.A. Govt / Parliament sacked a perfectly decent Police Commissioner (Harold Salisbury) and then shredded thousands of records, and no-one (police)stopped them. South Australia has “never” undergone any examination into past corruption as has been the case of our other States. We also had the ‘1982 Statute of Limitations’ protecting all past paedophiles from prosecution… while the victim count mounted, and children from the 60’s and 70’s remained missing, presumed murdered… And convicted ped. Magistrate Peter Liddy sat on the Police Disciplinary Board. The Head of Pathology Colin Manock was never properly qualified, yet he was the Expert Court witness (forensics) in hundreds of cases. Many of these errors are now under examination.
    South Australia is a basket case!
    Even ABC’s Charlie Pickering recently gave S.A. issues, wrongful convictions, some coverage and well worth viewing. You’ll also find some current affairs programs on line, re-Colin Manock.

    There’s a heap of information on ‘what’s new’ at ‘networked knowledge’ (re-Dr. Robert Moles). With regard our unsolved murders, many are the bizarre and most brutal and the perpetrator/s have never been caught, never stopped.. As example take a look at ‘Rosa Simper’ and the so called ‘family murders’. South Australia get’s the prize for weird and bizarre murders… and all are unsolved. One ‘family murder’ (Richard Kelvin) is partially solved re-Von Einem in jail, but there were others involved that are still being sought.

    Though SM’s unresolved case comes from way back in 1948, it’s always included into that collection due the strange circumstances that surrounded the case. S.A. has a bigger dose of inexplicable, strange deaths / murders than the other states…spanning decades.

    April 13, 2016
  15. Powerfully written, Xlamb. Well said.

    April 13, 2016
  16. Clive #

    Hi Xlamb, Agree with Pete, well presented and, at the same time, frightening in it’s implications on how “justice” is served in SA. A maverick state might be too kind a word for SA, perhaps it’s on a par with North Korea. People looking into it’s legal system don’t get anywhere and not many questions are asked, if at all, to the individuals that should have the answers.

    April 14, 2016
  17. Xlamb #

    Seems to me, we haven’t any problem examining or passing judgements on another country’s corrupt practices, but we overlook our own and boast how lucky we are in Australia. That such things don’t happen here. We’re a democratic country with freedom of the press, speech, equality etc. and this keeps us safe and immune. We don’t need to fight in the streets or wage a war…We vote instead…We’re so evolved. We’re so civilized !
    Meanwhile our Political parties just take turns. Remember Bugs Bunny Show, the coyote and the sheep dog that took turns overlooking the flock (was it Fred / Ralph), clocked on…clocked off. It’s like that!

    I think we’re fed crap! All we ever do is have one Inquiry or Royal Commission or whatever after another, followed by well-meaning statements “we’re doing this now to ensure it never happens again” which it inevitably does. And it all costs millions $$$ every time, which we all pay for, and results in lots of recommendation that are seldom implemented.

    I wrote up a whole lot of stuff earlier today. Then I lost internet connection and everything I’d written once I pressed ‘send’. That should teach me to be more succinct eh!

    April 14, 2016
    • There are people up here where I live who care little for elected politicians and their weasel words, less for the laws they produce by the thousands – we live quietly and in good order, ignore the stridency of men and women who want to represent us in federal or state parliaments – avoid the police, they have enough to do pulling bodies out of car wrecks – and whenever we go to the cities we breathe the air, absorb the poison, become deafened by the uproar, be jostled on the sideways, pay more for less and wait impatiently for the Airbus home.
      Even this, this site, is a temporary indulgence, deigned for an early death and soon to be forgotten.
      …. Looks like somebody fed me mushrooms in the omelette tonight.

      April 14, 2016

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